Why List Your Law Firm on HG.org

Why List Your Law Firm on HG.org:

  • High Traffic: Up to 1,200,000 visitors each month look to HG.org for lawyers and legal help.
  • Highly Ranked Content: An authoritative website with highly ranked pages, HG.org content appears at the top of popular search engine results such as Google and Bing.
  • Industry Leading: HG.org has been a leading online Lawyer Directory since 1995.
  • Attract Your Target Client Base: With a rich firm description, you can create a highly specialized listing to attract your key client base.
  • One of the Best Values on the Internet: Basic Listings are free, and Premium Listings start at only $195/year.
  • Quickly Maximize Your Internet Presence: Premium subscribers have numerous options available to maximize their Internet visibility.
  • Submit Legal Articles: Increase your online influence by submitting legal articles to our highly trafficked Legal Articles section.
  • Customer Support: The HG.org team provides support and editorial services to help with your Premium Listing

Premium Listing - Yearly Subscription

HG.org is one of the most affordable and comprehensive advertising opportunities on the Internet today. A full Premium Listing is only $195/year for law firms with up to 10 lawyers and 1 office.

Annual price in US$, per number of offices and lawyers:

$195 - 1 office and up to 10 lawyers
$295 - 2 offices and 11 to 25 lawyers
$395 - 3 offices and 26 to 50 lawyers
$495 - 4 offices and 51 to 100 lawyers
$595 - 5 offices and 101 to 250 lawyers
$695 - 6 offices and 251 to 500 lawyers
$795 - 7 offices and 501+ lawyers

Each additional office is $100/year