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    You studied for and took the LSAT. You've been active throughout college, carving out time for community service and your own recreational interests. Now you are about to begin the last stage - writing your essays and completing your law school applications - the only one over which you still have any influence. You can't change your competition, and you can't change what you've done to date, but you can make sure that the law school application you submit in the future is your best.

  • Law School Admission Personal Statements and Application Essays

    The law school application process is an extremely competitive exercise. Nearly all applicants to top law schools possess similar undergraduate GPAs and LSAT scores. So what separates the few who get in from the majority whose applications are rejected? The fact of the matter is that the law school application process involves more than mere numbers. Law school admissions committees want to make sure that you will be successful in their law school and look at intangibles in order to make these decisions.

  • Sample Admissions Essays - Law School

    It requires a lot of effort and thought to write a personal statement that effectively captures your greatest qualities and stands out to admissions committees. While we have an entire article on writing personal statements, one of the best ways to assist and inspire your writing is reading and learning from several personal statement samples. Although writing personal statements requires that you reflect upon what is unique and exemplary about your background, the following personal statement samples will provide insight into how other applicants have successfully crafted their statement.

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