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Law Student Internships

  • ABA - Law Student Division - Career Development Resources

    The American Bar Association can help you construct a sturdy foundation to a successful and meaningful future. This page contains information on networking opportunities, internships, job boards and other resorces to get you started as you embark on your legal education and/or beginning your legal career.

  • American Society of International Law - Internships in International Law

    As part of ASIL's mission to foster the study of international law, ASIL promotes the development of opportunities in international law programs for individuals at every stage of their career. To achieve this mission, ASIL provides services to the public and professionals involved with or interested in a career in international law, including professional development activities, publications, research, public information, professional standards, advocacy, and recognition for achievement and service.

  • International Court of Justice

    The International Court of Justice offers internships of one to three months to students and young professionals who are in the early stages of their careers. The internship is an opportunity for them to put their knowledge and experience into practice, while performing certain tasks for the Court under the supervision of Registry officials.

  • Law Student Jobs is my way of helping those law students out there who are looking for internships and jobs for the summer and during the school year. Having gone through the search during 1L year, and then having gone through recruitment season at the beginning of my 2L year, I know just how hard it is to find a position, especially in these tough economic times when positions that used to be there are no longer available.

  • USAID - General Counsel Internships

    The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is responsible for administering the United States Government's economic and humanitarian foreign assistance program. The Office of the General Counsel, which provides legal advice and guidance for all of the agency's operations worldwide, has legal internship positions for J.D. candidates who have completed at least one year of law school and, occasionally, for students seeking law degrees subsequent to receiving the J.D. degree.

  • USDOJ - Opportunities for Law Students

    The Department offers extensive legal internship programs to law students with challenging opportunities in Washington, D.C. and in cities across America for positions during the summer and throughout the academic year.

  • USDOJ - Summer Law Intern Program (SLIP)

    The Summer Law Intern Program (SLIP) is the Department's competitive recruitment program for compensated summer internships. Selection for employment is based on many elements of a candidate's background including academic achievement, law review or moot court experience, legal aid and clinical experience, and summer or part-time legal employment. The Department also considers specialized academic studies (including undergraduate and post-graduate degrees), work experience, and extracurricular activities that directly relate to the work of the Department.

  • USDOJ - Volunteer Legal Intern Recruitment

    Challenging work. Lots of responsibility. Interesting people. These are some of the phrases that students use to describe their experience as legal interns at the U.S. Department of Justice. The Department of Justice offers approximately 1,800 volunteer internships each year. Approximately 1000 are available during the summer; with the remaining 800 offered during the academic year.

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