• ContentMental Health Professionals- When Can They Disclose What I've Said?

    There are times and reasons for disclosure to others when a mental health practitioner should ensure others know what the person with the condition has said or is planning on doing in the future. These times usually involve possible harm to others, to the person seeking treatment or when he or she is planning on doing something nefarious which poses a threat of danger.

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  • ContentMedical Malpractice Claims Against Mental Health Professionals

    Medical professionals within the mental health industry can commit malpractice in various ways, but the primary claim arises through mistakes in treatment and medication that can adversely affect the patient. When these errors occur, the injury inflicted can cause damage to the body or mind depending on the level of medication and severity of the injury.

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  • ContentWhat Is Psychiatric Malpractice?

    Malpractice with the science and art that is psychiatry may occur in a number of different ways including the criminalization of the actions of the patient that are not fully or completely justified such as placing this person in restraints or committing him or her involuntarily. Others may suffer through medication improperly prescribed or treatment that does not work.

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