Nevada Statewide Offices

  • Attorney General

    The mission of the Attorney General is to serve Nevada by advising and defending its institutions, enforcing laws for the protection and benefit of its citizens, ensuring open government and empowering through education outreach.

  • Governor

    The Governor of Nevada is the chief magistrate of the U.S. state of Nevada, the head of the executive department of the state's government and the commander-in-chief of the state's military forces. The governor has a duty to enforce state laws, and the power to either approve or veto bills passed by the Nevada Legislature, to convene the legislature at any time, and, except in cases of treason or impeachment, to grant pardons and reprieves.

  • Lt. Governor

    Duties of the Lt. Governor: President of the Nevada State Senate; Chairman, Nevada Commission on Tourism; Chairman, Nevada Economic Development; Vice-Chairman of the State Board of Transportation; and Chairman, Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition. In case of the impeachment of the Governor, or his removal from Office, death, resignation or absence from the State the powers and duties of the Office shall devolve upon the Lt. Governor.

  • Secretary of State

    The Secretary of State is the third highest ranking state official, behind the Governor and Lt. Governor. The Secretary of State, elected to a four-year term, is responsible for maintaining the official records of the acts of the Nevada Legislature and of the executive branch of state government, as prescribed by law.

  • State of Nevada

    Nevada is a state located in the western region of the United States. The state is well known for its easy marriage and divorce proceedings, entertainment, legalized gambling and, in eight out of its 16 counties, legalized active brothels.

  • State Treasurer

    The State Treasurer’s Office is divided into six functional areas: Administration, Cash Management, Debt Management, Investments, Education Programs, and Unclaimed Property. General responsibilities include: Receive, receipt and safeguard all money of the state; Disburse the public money under warrants drawn upon the Treasury; Establish and operate investment programs for all available state funds; Issuance of any obligation authorized on behalf and in the name of the state (with few exceptions), and to serve as the primary representative of the state in matters related thereto.

Nevada Legislative Branch

  • Nevada State Legislature

    The Nevada Legislature is the state legislature of the U.S. state of Nevada. The Legislature is a bicameral body, consisting of the lower house Nevada Assembly, and the upper house Nevada Senate. All the members of the Legislature are elected from an equal amount of constituent districts across the state. The Legislature is the third smallest bicameral state legislature in the United States.

Nevada Court Rules and Forms

Nevada Judicial Branch

  • Nevada Judiciary

    Courts of Nevada include: the Supreme Court of Nevada; District Courts; Municipal Courts; and Justice Courts.

  • Nevada Supreme Court Library

    The Nevada Supreme Court Library is one of the largest law libraries in the state. The collection was established to support the federal district court judges of the Territorial Supreme Court and, upon Nevada's gaining statehood in 1865, became part of the State Library. It was transferred to the judicial branch in 1973. The library serves the Supreme Court, the Legislature, the Office of the Attorney General and other executive branch agencies, as well as the local bar and the general public.

Nevada Executive Branch

  • Department of Administration

    the mission of the Department of Administration is to sssist state agencies to achieve their missions and goals by providing efficient and effective services.

  • Department of Administration: Purchasing Division

    Nevada State Purchasing is charged by the State of Nevada to perform all functions related to Service Procurement and the purchasing, renting, or leasing of supplies, materials and equipment needed by state agencies

  • Department of Business and Industry

    The main objective of the Department of Business and Industry is to encourage and promote growth, development, and legal operation of business within the State of Nevada. The Department's activities also include: Regulation of business and industrial enterprises; Promotion of worker safety, protection, and rights; and Administration of bond programs to encourage growth and development of business within the state.

  • Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

    The Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources conserves, protects, manages, and enhances the state’s natural resources in order to provide the highest quality of life for Nevada’s citizens and visitors. It includes eight divisions: Environmental Protection: Forestry: State Parks: State Lands: Water Resources: Conservation Districts: Nevada Natural Heritage Program: and Wild Horse Commission.

  • Department of Corrections

    The mission of the Department of Corrections is to protect the public by confining convicted felons according to the law, while keeping staff and inmates safe.

  • Department of Cultural Affairs

    The Department of Cultural Affairs is unique in state government because people actively engage its programs and facilities for direct, positive cultural experiences. The department is the flagship of Nevada government, showing both citizens and visitors the best benefit of exercising their franchise for the common good.

  • Department of Education

    The Nevada Department of Education (NDOE) is a governmental agency in the U.S. state of Nevada. NDOE headquarters are located in Carson City. NDOE licenses all primary and secondary school teachers in Nevada.

  • Department of Emergency Management

    The Nevada Division of Emergency Management, (DEM) is a division of the Nevada Department of Public Safety. DEM coordinates the efforts of the State and its political subdivisions together in partnership with private and volunteer organizations, and tribal nations, in reducing the impact of disasters by developing, planning, implementing, and maintenance of programs for mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

  • Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation

    The Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation (DETR) consists of divisions that offer assistance in job training and placement, vocational rehabilitation, workplace discrimination and in collecting and analyzing workforce and economic data. Many of these services are provided through DETR's partnership with the Nevada JobConnect system. DETR's divisions include: Employment Security Division; Rehabilitation Division; Nevada Equal Rights Commission; Research and Analysis Bureau; and Information Development and Processing.

  • Department of Health & Human Services

    The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) promotes the health and well-being of Nevadans and their visitors through the delivery and facilitation of essential services. DHHS' goal is to strengthen families, protect public health, and assist individuals in achieving the highest level of self-sufficiency.

  • Department of Information Technology

    The Department provides state agencies and elected state officers with all their required design of information systems. Information system means any communications or computer equipment, computer software, procedures, personnel or technology used to collect, process, distribute or store information within the Executive Branch of State Government.

  • Department of Motor Vehicles

    The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles issues drivers licenses, vehicle registrations and license plates in the Silver State. It also licenses, regulates and taxes the vehicle, motor carrier and fuel industries.

  • Department of Personnel

    The Department of Personnel serves the citizens of Nevada with a qualified workforce. The mission of the Department is to provide exceptional Human Resource services with integrity, respect and accountability.

  • Department of Public Safety

    The Nevada Department of Public Safety (NDPS) provides services in support of protecting Nevada's citizens and visitors by promoting safer communities through prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, education and enforcement.

  • Department of Taxation

    The mission of the Department of Taxation is to provide fair, efficient and effective administration of tax programs for the State of Nevada in accordance with applicable statutes, regulations and policies. Serve the Taxpayers, State and Local Government Entities; and enable and recognize Department employees.

  • Department of Transportation

    The Department of Transportation (NDOT) is responsible for the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the 5,400 miles of highway and over 1,000 bridges which make up the state highway system. The department is divided into three districts. The districts are responsible for supervising all state transportation activities within their local areas. Transportation also includes an integration of travel by rail, bike, air or bus. The department also oversees various allied projects from the Adopt-a-Highway program to the maintenance of State Historical Markers.

  • Division of Minerals

    The Nevada Division of Minerals, a part of the Commission on Mineral Resources, is responsible for administering programs and activities to promote, advance, and protect mining and the development and production of petroleum and geothermal resources in Nevada.

  • Division of State Parks

    Nevada Division of State Parks maintains a system of parks and recreation areas for the use and enjoyment of residents and visitors, the Division also preserves areas of scenic, historic and scientific significance in Nevada

  • Nevada National Guard: Joint Force HQ

    Joint Force HQ establisesh policies/procedures, provides advice, and makes recommendations on J6 matters (including CIO & C4) to the Chief, National Guard Bureau for supporting joint military, Combatant Command, interagency, and Joint Force Headquarters (State) information sharing for the Homeland Security mission.

  • Office of Veterans Services

    The Nevada Office of Veterans Services (NOVS) operates many programs that benefit Veterans and their families in Nevada. The mission of NOVS is to provide a full continuum of quality services to eligible veterans and their families; to provide an environment of growth and opportunity to their employees; and to provide their community and partners the opportunity to contribute in this endeavor.

  • Public Employees Retirement System

    The Public Employees' Retirement System of Nevada (PERS) is a tax-qualified defined benefit plan created by the Legislature as an independent public agency to provide a reasonable base income to qualified employees who have been employed by a public employer and whose earning capacity has been removed or has been substantially reduced by age or disability.

  • State Library and Archives

    The Nevada State Library and Archives (NSLA) is a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs. NSLA serves as the foundation of Nevada democracy by providing full access to a range of information services that enhance the quality of life for all and center on creating an educated and enlightened citizenry while supporting the best interests of the state of Nevada. In support of this mission, the agency serves government, libraries, business, and citizens by providing a range of information services.

Nevada Boards and Commissions

  • Colorado River Commission of Nevada

    The Colorado River Commission (CRC) is an executive agency of the State of Nevada responsible for acquiring and managing Nevada's share of water and hydropower resources from the Colorado River.

  • Nevada Arts Council

    A division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Nevada Arts Council (NAC) has a staff of 11 and a nine-member board whose members are appointed by the Governor. NAC is divided into five program areas: Artist Services, Arts in Education, Community Arts Development, Folklife and Grants. Through these program areas, NAC provides grant funding; offers professional assistance to artists, cultural organizations and schools; and coordinates statewide arts programming and activities for Nevada's cultural workforce.

  • Nevada Commission on Economic Development

    The Nevada Commission on Economic Development (NCED) is the leader in developing and maintaining a diverse economic base, ensuring a healthy economy for the Silver State. Established in 1983, the state agency was tasked with promoting and encouraging vital economic interests of Nevada, except for travel and tourism. NCED is comprised of a commission and two divisions: Economic Development and the Nevada Film Office.

  • Nevada Commission on Tourism

    Nevada’s tourism department is responsible for promoting and marketing Nevada as a tourism and travel destination. This includes editing, publishing and distributing publications that promote the state of Nevada. An 11-member commission advises the tourism department. The Commission is composed of the Lt. Governor, who serves as chair, eight members appointed by the governor, and the chief administrative officers of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority and the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority.

  • Nevada Gaming Commission/State Gaming Control Board

    The Nevada Gaming Commission & State Gaming Control Board are the state agencies involved in the regulation of gaming throughout the state. The Gaming Control Board is composed of three members. The Commission is responsible for administering regulations, granting licenses and ruling on disciplinary matters brought before it by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. It has five members. Board and Commissioners are appointed by the governor.

  • Public Utilities Commission of Nevada

    The Public Utilities Commission (PUCN) supervises and regulates the operation and maintenance of utility services in Nevada, to include: electric, natural gas, renewable energy, telecommunications, and water/wastewater. PUCNH as a Rail Safety Program as part of Nevada’s state Participation Program with the U.S. Dept. of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration.

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