New York Business and Probate Law Guide

Business law encompasses the formation of new businesses and any issues that arise during the business’s life. Probate law refers to the handling of trusts and estates. Both business law and probate law are designed to protect financial rights. In this comprehensive guide, learn about all aspects of business law in New York – from formation to handling probate law.

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  • ContentBusiness Formation Law in New York

    Business formation is a necessary step when opening a business and makes the business a distinct legal entity. There are four main types of business formation options: Limited Liability Company (LLC), partnership, sole proprietorship, and corporation. Learn more about your options in New York.

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  • ContentHow Can a New York Business Lawyer Help?

    A New York business lawyer can help with transactions and business interactions between companies. A lawyer can help to ensure contracts are beneficial and valid with clear wording. Many businesses have at least one lawyer employed to handle these matters.

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  • ContentGuardianship and Incapacity Laws in New York

    Legal guardianship protects incapacitated or disabled persons by legally assigning a person to make their financial decisions. This trusted person is able to make decisions for their ward in New York.

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  • ContentTrust and Estate Law in New York

    Trust and estate law handles succession planning of both personal assets and business assets. It is a very broad category of law and New York has its own set of governing laws.

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