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Essential Guide to Law Firm Marketing

By Margaret Grisdela, Legal Expert Connections, Inc.

Focus. Powerful law practices are built on the concept of specialization. You need to find a way to make your practice stand out from the competition in a recognizable way that can be communicated to your current and prospective clients.

Your practice will benefit in at least seven important ways when you establish yourself as a legal subject matter expert:

1. You will be in a better position to select your accounts, allowing you to direct more attention to a smaller universe of high-quality legal prospects and clients.

2. Competitive forces become less threatening as you narrow your law practice to a less crowded area of legal specialization.

3. Billing rates are less susceptible to fee pressure when you are an acknowledged leader in your legal field.

4. Marketing campaigns will generate a higher ROI from increased response rates when they target a distinct universe with a focused legal message.

5. Word-of-mouth advertising goes farther and faster when you can clearly demonstrate a distinctive legal skill set.

6. Journalists will turn to you for insight on complex legal matters they are covering in your field of specialization, reinforcing your status as a legal expert.

7. Business leads will increase as your legal articles, speeches and white papers boost your search engine rankings on the Internet.

Now, you may be saying that your state bar association does not offer a specialization or certification program. The good news is that you do not need permission from the state bar to distinguish yourself by speaking, writing and being available for media comment. However, some state bar associations do govern the use of “expert” or “specialist” terminology.

Pick your law practice niche based on your knowledge bank, successful legal cases, industry growth trends and competitive environment. Try to avoid a “me too” legal topic unless you can truly differentiate yourself from your law firm competitors.

Study industry trends, demographics, legislative initiatives and other growth factors when selecting your legal niche. You need a sizable growth opportunity that will sustain your law practice over the course of your career.

Once you select your legal niche, you can apply it to almost all of the practical tips contained in this book. In fact, consistent messaging about your specialized legal expertise across multiple marketing campaigns will greatly enhance your name recognition.

About the Author: Margaret Grisdela is the Founder and President of Legal Expert Connections, Inc., a legal marketing firm specializing in marketing and business development in the legal and litigation support  markets.  You can reach her at mg@legalexpertconnections.com.

Copyright Margaret Grisdela, Legal Expert Connections, Inc.

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