Non-Traditional Divorce in California

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Every divorce is different, and some may even have different rules or guidelines in California. In this guide, learn about legal separation in California, how LGBT divorce differs, and what options unmarried parents have regarding child custody.

  • ContentWhat a Legal Separation in California Means to You

    While many individuals may believe that the main distinction between a legal separation and divorce in California is that separation is considered temporary and divorce is considered permanent, this interpretation is not accurate. Many separation agreements later serve as the foundation of the divorce agreement, so negotiated terms may indeed wind up being permanent, even if they were hammered out during a separation. Read on to learn more about what a legal separation might mean for you.

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  • ContentLGBT Divorce Options in California

    There are several options open for LGBT couples in the state of California that can include the dissolution through a divorce, annulment, mediation and the end of a domestic partnership depending on the type of relationship and legal marriage. It is important to discuss these matters with a qualified legal professional in this state.

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  • ContentUnmarried Parents in California - Child Custody Issues

    For unmarried parents, it is important to ensure their rights are still under protection in the state of California when going through divorce and child custody arrangements. The initial separation can start these trying times when the parents are not legally married in the state, and this can later lead to further complications in determining child custody.

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  • ContentCalifornia Law about Child Custody in Same Sex Cases

    There are often several rights that same-sex couples have over others that live in different states because of the progressive administration of the state of California and the understanding that same-sex couples are normally no different in most aspects of opposite-sex couples. Knowing the laws of this state and how they affect custody is critical in divorce processes.

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