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Draft TARP Bailout Forms For The $700 Billion Dollar Troubled Asset Relief Program

The author has prepared these draft forms for use in TARP, the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program. While the forms may need some...

Manager's Liability within the Framework of Bankruptcy

The still recent Spanish Bankruptcy Law more fully examines the legal system regarding company managers’ liability. This new liability system...

Proofs of Claim in Bankruptcy

The simplest way for creditors to protect their rights in bankruptcy cases is by properly filing a proof of claim. This article discusses...

Insolvency Proceedings in Argentina

We briefly analyze the insolvency proceedings available to both companies and individuals in Argentina.

Decline of Request to Extend the Bankruptcy to Vice-President of a Bankrupt Company

Courtroom E of the National Commercial Court of Appeals (the “Court of Appeals”) confirmed a ruling passed by the Court of First Instance which...

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