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Salaried Workers and Overtime Rights

  By HG.org
With a salary usually come many benefits. A salaried worker may receive paid time off, additional medical days, holidays off and other distinct...

Wage Theft: The Multi-Million Dollar Problem Pennsylvania Workers should Know About

Researchers from Temple University say employees lose up to $32 million per year.

Labor Protection for Illegal Foreign Workers in Thailand

Are the rights and protections granted to workers under Thai labor law applicable to foreigners who work in Thailand without a work permit?...

Workers’ Compensation Claims in Nevada

Workers’ Compensation is a statutory system of providing benefits for physical harm that arises in the course and scope of (i.e., during)...

Can I Be Fired While on Medical Leave?

  By HG.org
Most states and employers are at-will in nature, meaning that an employer can fire an employee for any reason so long as it is a legal reason....

Malta's Government Measures to Increase Employment of Persons with Disability

The employment of persons with disabilities is currently regulated by the “Persons with Disability Employment Act” (Chapter 210 of the Laws of...

5 Signs Your Boss May Be Underpaying You

Unscrupulous employers may count on workers not knowing their rights

Properly Investigating and Responding to Employee Complaints of Harassment or Discrimination

No employer wants to hear that an employee is alleging that he or she is the subject of harassment or discrimination. But, when it happens (and...

Can I Sue My Boss over a Client’s Inappropriate Behavior?

Your employer’s obligation to keep you safe at work.

New Law on Professional Fees in the City of Buenos Aires

On November 27, 2014 Law No. 5,134, which regulates lawyers’ and solicitors’ fees who work in the City of Buenos Aires (hereafter the “Law”),...

Can I Be Fired for Missing One Day of Work?

  By HG.org
Most states and employers operate under an at-will system in which employers can terminate employees for any reason and employees can quit for...

Is Telecommuting a Reasonable Accommodation under the ADA?

Woman with chronic health condition sues after her request to work from home was denied.

New Law Amending the Conditions for Payment of Supplementary Annual Salary in Argentina

On January 9, 2015 was published on the Official Gazette Law No. 27.073 (the “Act”), which establishes new regulations on the payment of the...

Work Injury Compensation: Everything You Need to Know

What is the one place most people spend more time in than even their own homes? Even if you discount all those hours staying late at the office...

Fired for Taking Bereavement -- Any Recourse?

  By HG.org
Losing a friend or loved one is an awful experience, but one through which we will all suffer at one point or another. It is natural to need...

Is Anxiety Affecting Your Work? Find out What the ADA Says about Mental Impairments

Hard-to-prove conditions can make work life difficult when employers may not be sympathetic

Understanding Commercial Agreements: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business

The contracts that your business has with its landlords, clients, employees, vendors and/or suppliers are the components that help create the...

Attacked at Work, What Are My Rights?

  By HG.org
Violence is rarely the answer, and this is especially true in the workplace. Yet, physical attacks can and do occur every day. When they happen...

Do Temp Workers Have the Same Rights as Regular Employees?

Chicago staffing firm accused of knowingly placing women in hostile work environment.

Gender Discrimination Claims

  By HG.org
Gender discrimination claims in the employment context are governed by state and federal laws. Rulings from 2012 and 2015 have expanded the...

Employees in Disguise: What Independent Contractors Need to Know About Their Rights

Feds issue new guidance on misclassification of workers.

May a Company Terminate a Labor Contract with Pregnant Employees in China?

Is is true that the company can not fire pregnant employees in whatever situation?

Bad Faith Warning and Termination of an Employee - Hong Kong

Bad Faith Warning and Termination of an Employee

New Guidelines on the Issuance of Employment Licenses in Malta

Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) has recently published new guidelines on employment licenses (also known as the work permits) issued...

EADS for H-4 Spouses

On May 26, the USCIS will begin accepting applications for form I-765 Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) submitted by certain H-4 spouses...

Health Insurance Law Dubai & Abu Dhabi: Employer Responsibilities and Duties

Prior to the growth of the foreign workforce in the United Arab Emirates at the beginning of the millennium, an employer was only required to...

Sexual Orientation Discrimination Is Illegal under Existing Law, Says EEOC

Federal agency says discrimination against LGBT employees is equivalent to sex discrimination.

Russian Labor Law Amendments

A 7-day period is fixed for employers to inform of grounds for denial of employment and an obligation is imposed to extend a fixed-term...

New Guidelines Address Misclassification of Workers

Debate over whether certain workers qualify as employees or independent contractors is nothing new.

Statutory Grounds for Dismissal: The Dutch Dismissal Law Changes

The Dutch dismissal law changed significantly per July 2015. One of the changes involves that a request for dismissal can only be based on an...

Do Small Businesses Have to Give Time Off for Sick Leave?

When the FMLA and the ADA collide, it’s important to know which laws pertain to you

NJ Residents Employed In PA Entitled To Workers Compensation Benifits

A state law requires Pennsylvania employers provide Workers’ Compensation insurance for employees in the event of a work related injury.

Workman’s Comp: Electrical Injuries

More than half of annual construction worker deaths are caused by falling, being struck by an object, electrocution, or being caught in or in...

What Are the Legal Consequences for Lying on a Nursing Job Application in Missouri?

  By HG.org
Individuals who omit important information or lie on nursing job applications may be concerned about the legal ramifications of making this...

What Are the Consequences to Lying or Omitting Information on a Job Application?

  By HG.org
Although some people may be tempted to embellish their resume to make themselves more appealing to potential employers, doing so can come at a...

Millions More Workers May Be Eligible for Overtime; Are You One of Them?

New proposed federal OT regulations make it harder for employers to game the system

Top 10 Bad Questions to Avoid When Interviewing a Job Applicant

When interviewing job applicants, there are good questions and bad questions. A good question seeks relevant and helpful information about the...

How to Conclude Employment Contract in China

For expat employees, due to lack of local labor law knowledge, it is always difficult to conclude a fair employment contract in China. It is...

How to Define the Legal Nature of Employment of Retired Staffs

In the actual situation,many companies prefer to use these staffs reaching or over retirement age,but there is a controversy on the relationship...

Employees Are Entitled to Paid Sick Leave in California

Prior to January 1, 2015, employers were not required to offer employees paid sick leave in California. However, with the passage of the Healthy...

Can You Be Fired for Your Social Media Posts?

Certain speech about work is considered protected activity. Believe it or not, talking about your job on social media may actually be a...

Fixed-term Employment Agreement For Substitution

When it comes to fixed-term employment agreements Bulgarian labour legislation is traditionally highly restrictive. Usually a fixed-term...

Worried about Employees Taking Advantage of Your Business?

Employers should be aware that terms may be implied into an employment contract in circumstances where there are no equivalent express terms...

Non-Competition Compensation can be Prepaid in the Salary in Shanghai?

Due to the disclosure of confidential information belonging to the employer or improper use of the confidential information by the...

Termination of Employment Agreement Due to Staff Reduction in Bulgaria

Staff reduction is one of the most common grounds used for termination of employment agreements by the employers with a termination notice for...

Does Your Employee Handbook Violate the National Labor Relations ACT?

Over the past several years, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has been taking a more active role in the non-union workplace, including...

Can You Be Fired for Incomplete FMLA Paperwork?

Court decision gives Pennsylvania workers more protection.

How to Terminate an Employment Agreement when Closing Down an Enterprise in Bulgaria

Nowadays, due to the continuing world economic crisis, unfortunately, the business phenomenon of “closing down an enterprise/a part of an...

Collective Agreements in Spain

Collective agreements are agreements between unions and employers that establish wages, work schedule and other work conditions. Additionally,...

To Hire or Not to Hire: Independent Contractors Versus Employees

Most of the time, hiring an independent contractor for your business is a means of providing a temporary subject matter expert who can provide...

To Bank or not to Bank? Maltese Law Rules Governing the Banking of Work Hours

Annualisation of hours is a term used to describe a contract which states the agreed number of guaranteed hours the employee is contracted to...

Was Job Candidate Turned Down Because He Was Too Old?

Tech giant facing lawsuit after taking a pass on older job applicant.

Disputed Workers' Compensation Claims

The Workers’ Compensation Act was established to ensure injured workers receive compensation such as wage loss benefits and medical benefits to...

Change in Pennsylvania Law

Twenty-five percent of Americans are banned from employment opportunities due to their criminal record, specifically jobs regarding the...

How to Protect Your Business from Exploitation by Employees

Are you concerned that some of your key employees have knowledge about your business which could in certain circumstances, if such information...

101 of Non-Compete Agreements: Everything You Need to Know about Protecting Your Business

Today’s advances – technological, scientific, and business – are all driven by competition. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you’re...

Is Pregnancy a Disability Under the ADA?

Feds issue new enforcement guidelines on pregnancy discrimination.

Did Supervisor Manufacture Reasons to Fire Middle-Eastern Staffer?

Man told to ‘go work at 7-11 with your own kind’

Am I Being Subjected to a Hostile Work Environment?

  By HG.org
When individuals hear the phrase “hostile work environment,” they may think that this means that a supervisor or owner of a business curses,...

Know the Rules for Hiring and Managing Interns

Many small businesses thrive with the extra help interns provide at little or no cost to the business. However, there are things small business...

Recent Amendments and Modernisation of the Companies Act in Cyprus

The Law amending the Companies Act, CAP 113, Number 4, of 2015 has been passed by the Cyprus parliament. It provides for significant changes to...

UK Employee Share Options – Enterprise Management Incentives Option

What can early stage companies do to retain key personnel when they might not have sufficient funds to pay competitive salaries? This article...

Russian Supreme Court Clarifies Procedure for Settling Disputes Related to Activity of Company Managers

The Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation adopted Ruling No.21 “On issues the courts encounter when applying legislation...

Calculating Overtime and Back Pay in Pennsylvania: Know these Quirks in the Law or Risk Losing Money

Pennsylvania law differs from federal law.

Employee Incentivisation – An Overview

Are you looking to retain key personnel? If so this article provides guidance on some of the options to incentivise your employees and therefore...

Staffer Fired After Adding Disabled Spouse to Her Insurance Plan

Woman sues employer under association provision of ADA.

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) in Egypt

Legal process outsourcing is the process of obtaining legal support in different areas of practice from an outside law firm or legal support...

The First Thing You Should Do when You Are Injured at Work

Companies throughout different states provide workers compensation benefits for injured workers. This is a way of protecting workers rights, as...

Boy Scouts’ Employment Policies

The office of the New York State Attorney General has opened an investigation into the Boy Scouts of America to determine if the organization’s...

Pregnancy Is a Protected Class Under The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)

Sex discrimination and harassment are prohibited in the California workplace under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

How to File an Unpaid Wage Claim

  By HG.org
Individuals who have not received the money that they are due for the work that they have already completed may choose to pursue an unpaid wage...

Restaurant Workers Were Denied Breaks; Company Pays $1.7 Million to Settle Wage and Overtime Complaints

Staffers weren’t compensated for missed rest and meal periods.

Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Employers often depend on their seasoned employees to train and guide newcomers about the specifics of a job.

Discrimination Lawsuit Against Abercrombie & Fitch

In a vote of eight to one, the Supreme Court allowed Samantha Elauf to sue Abercrombie & Fitch for employment discrimination after the company...

Risk Of Traumatic Brain Injuries On The Job

Traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBIs, are a serious public health issue in the United States.

How Can I Win an Age Discrimination Lawsuit

  By HG.org
As baby boomers represent a higher number of paid employees, the number of age discrimination complaints filed with the Equal Employment...

American Wage and Hour Laws

  By HG.org
When it comes to fights with one’s employer, things can be pretty one-sided. Many employees do not know how to fight unfair pay or labor...

Can Your Boss Ask You if You’re Pregnant? Your Rights Under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Woman who was suspected of being pregnant was forced off the job.

Which Groups of People Are Protected from Employment Discrimination?

  By HG.org
Not all forms of discrimination or harassment are illegal. Simply because a person is singled out because his or her boss does not like him or...

What Questions Must an Employer Avoid Asking During an Interview?

  By HG.org
Everyday, millions of Americans go on interviews, and everyday employers walk through a legal minefield of potentially dangerous questions....

Engagement of Foreign Workers: Work Permits and Visas in Kazakhstan

  By Integrites
Under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the work of foreign employees in Kazakhstan requires in certain instances a work permit and a work...

Financial Worth of Amputation Injury Varies by State

There are numerous circumstances in which a worker could lose a limb in a workplace accident.

Does Your Boss Have to Have a Reason to Fire You?

What at-will employment means in Pennsylvania.

Workers' Compensation Programs are Failing Injured Workers

According to two reports recently released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and ProPublica, injuries occurring in the...

Flaws with Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation System

There are some inherent problems within the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation system.

Are Non-Compete Agreements Really Enforceable? What You Need to Know

The courts look at three criteria.

Workplace Sexual Harassment As Defined by the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)

One of the most common forms of workplace harassment in California takes the form of sexual harassment. Like any other form of harassment, it is...

Company on the Hook for $1.5 Million after Ignoring Sexual Harassment

Terminated employees sued for retaliation

Deadly Explosion at a Metal Production Plant

An explosion at a metal production plant with a history of safety violations has been ruled an accident by local police.

OSHA Seeks Fines Following Roofer's Electrocution Death

A Pennsylvania remodeling company is being fined after one of their workers was fatally electrocuted on the job last September.

Are There Any Protections for Transgender Employees?

  By HG.org
For decades, the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act has failed to pass, which would sweeping protections to members of the lesbian, gay,...

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

  By HG.org
Injured employees across the country are able to receive medical treatment and have a portion of their wages replaced after being injured in a...

Federal Labor Laws

  By HG.org
Employees in the United States are protected by a number of key regulations. In addition to any laws on the state level, employees are also...

Fast Food Restaurant's Unsafe Practices

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has received new complaints filed against nine company-owned McDonald’s and 19...

Man Fired for 'Performance Issues' After Being Told He Was 'Too Old' to Do His Job

Company claimed staffer was insubordinate.

Chiropractic Care in the Workplace

On-site wellness and chiropractic care is a growing trend being embraced by many companies across the U.S.

Title VII Protections for Volunteers

For as long as it has existed, American society has relied upon and revered the work of volunteers.

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs an Employee Email Policy

Email is the number one usage of the Internet both at home and at work. While you don’t need to concern yourself with your employees’ personal...

Investment Risks in Kazakhstan

Investors from different countries are continuing to establish their offices in Kazakhstan and many companies are willing to do business here....

Thailand Business Structures Incorporation

Most businesses are looking to Incorporate a Company in Thailand but do not meet the initial requirements. Below is a list of items to consider...

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