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Understand the usual ways that lawyers charge for their services, the use of retainer fee agreements, getting a written document that explains legal services and the reasons why retainers are often required. Also, learn about contingency fee arrangements, how fees are determined, how fees are communicated and how to dispute unnecessary fees.

  • How Do Attorneys Charge for Their Work?

    Cost is usually one of the top few questions an individual asks when a lawyer is needed. Attorneys charge in differing ways for their work. Here is an overview of some of the possibilities.

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  • Why Should I Have to Pay a Retainer Fee?

    When hiring an attorney, a potential client is often asked to pay an upfront fee called a “retainer” in order to hire the lawyer. Numerous clients question the need for such a fee. Often they are non-refundable. What happens if the case settles shortly after paying the retainer fee and before the attorney has done much work?

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  • Should I Get a Written Retainer for My Case?

    Many lawyers require a retainer. There are several reasons to insist upon a written retainer fee agreement.

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  • Common Types of Fee Arrangements

    Fees and total costs are a large concern for individuals who hire lawyers. The fee type arrangements available to a client usually deal with the type of legal issues brought to the lawyer. There are several common types of lawyer fees and fee arrangements:

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  • Setting and Communicating Attorney Fees

    Most states require that a lawyer enter into a written fee agreement with a client and require the attorney to carefully explain and ensure that the client understands the fee agreement. Even when this is not legally mandated, it is usually the best practice.

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  • What Can I Do if I Dispute Legal Fees from My Attorney?

    Sometimes legal fees are questioned by those hiring the lawyer. For issues where the client believes they are too high or it is anticipated that this situation will arise, there are a few ways to deal with the problem.

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