Pedestrian Construction Accidents

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A pedestrian or a driver may suffer injuries when passing through a construction zone. It is usually the responsibility of the company to pay out damages for these injuries, although sometimes the pedestrian may have liability as well.

  • ContentDriving in Construction Zones

    Construction zones are dangerous and fraught with potential hazards for all drivers that pass through them. It is important to pay attention to these locations and ensure safety is utilized at all times while in these areas. Injuries and death soon follow accidents within construction locations that have heavy changes to the road.

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  • ContentPedestrians Hit by a Falling Object - Who Is Liable?

    When a pedestrian suffers injury from falling objects, it is usually the responsibility of the construction company or contractor to pay out damages for these injuries because of the workers accidentally dropping tools or equipment. The incidents can hold the construction company accountable through a lawsuit or settlement negotiations.

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  • ContentDistracted Walking in a Construction Zone Can Lead to Injuries and Legal Consequences

    Walking while distracted in a construction zone is similar to wearing a blindfold in a dangerous area because the individual can encounter several areas where hazards exist and where the very ground is either slippery or gives way. The consequences of these actions generally lead to injury or death for the pedestrian, and injury or severe consequences are possible for others as well.

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