Pennsylvania Employment Law Guide

Employment law in Pennsylvania is designed to ensure that employees are treated fairly in the workplace. Employment law is based on both federal and Pennsylvania constitutions, and takes input from legislation and court opinions. Common employment disputes in Pennsylvania involve termination laws, sexual harassment in the workplace, workplace discrimination, and worker’s compensation. In addition, learn about how Pennsylvania is handling unemployment legislation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • ContentLaws Governing Termination in Pennsylvania

    Victims of wrongful termination can often bring a case against their former employer. They may be able to receive damages or back pay. Understand what constitutes a cause for termination, and what to do if you have been wrongfully terminated or accused of wrongfully terminating an employee in Pennsylvania.

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  • ContentSexual Harassment in the Workplace - Pennsylvania

    Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many forms. Employers are required to investigate sexual harassment claims and may need to take other immediate corrective action. When sexual harassment occurs, it is important to understand the guidelines and liabilities in Pennsylvania.

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  • ContentEmployment Discrimination in Pennsylvania

    There are many types of discrimination which may occur in the workplace, including racial, age, religious, or discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender. Discover more about what constitutes discrimination and what to do if you feel you are being discriminated against at work in Pennsylvania.

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  • ContentWage and Overtime Pay Law in Pennsylvania

    Rules and regulation regarding workers’ pay, overtime, and benefits may change often in Pennsylvania. It is important for both employers and employees to understand the regulations regarding salary and wages.

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  • ContentWorker's Compensation in Pennsylvania

    An employee may be eligible to receive worker's compensation after being injured at work in Pennsylvania. Learn more about who may be eligible, how to file for worker's compensation, and how a worker's comp litigation case works.

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  • ContentCOVID-19 and Employment Law in Pennsylvania

    During this time of uncertainty among employers and employees there is a lot of confusion about paid leave and unemployment legislation in Pennsylvania. COVID-19 is reshaping unemployment laws as daily life grinds to a halt. Learn more in this guide.

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