Personal Injury Claims for Mental Health Injuries

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Personal injury claims often involve multiple types of damages sought by the victim. This could include pain and suffering, both in physical illness and mental illness. Damages could be sought for treatment associated with trauma, mental illness, and similar issues.

  • ContentMental Health Illnesses and Personal Injury Accidents

    Personal injury accidents are a common theme when certain factors are part of the situation. These circumstances often affect how a person feels, thinks and moves physically for months and even years in some instances.

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  • ContentMental Illness Stemming from a Personal Injury Case - Can I Receive Compensation?

    Personal injury cases often involve multiple types of damages the victim may receive as part of the full compensation sought during the claim in the courtroom. One of these items involves both pain and suffering in various forms that could include mental illness and the need for treatment with trauma, mental anguish and similar issues.

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  • ContentPersonal Injury Claims for Mental Health Injuries

    Personal injury claims are often based on the negligent acts of individuals and how these led someone to be injured as a result of a car accident, slip and fall, or medical mistake. The physical effects of such accidents can be devastating. However, many such accidents often result in significant psychological injuries.

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