Personal Injury Settlements and Damages in California

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Personal injury cases in California are dependent on many different factors such as the type of injury and who is liable. In this guide, learn how California handles personal injury lawsuits and what damages may be available.

  • ContentPersonal Injury Settlement for Pain and Suffering -Is It Considered Separate Property in California?

    A personal injury settlement occurs when the individual is a victim of an incident and is able to hold the company or other person liable for damages owed for these injuries that occur through monetary amounts. When living in California and receiving the settlement, it is important to know if this amount may become marital property when divorcing a spouse.

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  • ContentTypes of Settlements for Slip and Fall Cases in California

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one million Americans are injured every year due to slips and falls. Additionally, another 17,000 people are killed in such accidents. When an individual or entity is negligent, the law provides a remedy to victims who are injured in slip and fall accidents.

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  • ContentPrevent Low-Ball Offers for Personal Injury Settlements in California

    An insurance company will usually provide a lowball estimate for a settlement offer initially to get a policyholder or the injured party to accept the money quickly and end the claim. It is important to hire a personal injury lawyer in California to prevent this action and to ensure that the best possible offer is available.

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  • ContentCalculating the Value of a California Workers' Compensation Injury Claim

    California workers' compensation makes available to the injured worker a bundle of insurance benefits. The purpose of those benefits is to help the hurt employee recover from their injury by providing medical care as well as financial benefits to offset temporary and permanent earning loss that results from a work related accident injury. This article outlines the different benefits that are potentially available to the injured worker under California law.

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  • ContentLegal Options After a Work Injury in California

    Work injuries in the state of California usually leave the victim with three options through a workers’ compensation claim, a personal injury lawsuit against a third party or a combination of the two. It is important to contact a lawyer early to determine what options exist for the specific circumstances of the work-related injuries.

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