Personal Injury Settlements and Damages Available in Florida

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Personal injury cases in Florida are dependent on many different factors such as the type of injury and who is liable. In this guide, learn how Florida handles personal injury lawsuits and what damages may be available.

  • ContentFlorida Personal Injury Claim Misconceptions

    There are many individuals that will tell others what he or she may or may not do with an injury claim and how to proceed through the matter. It is important to research these personal injury misconceptions to know what is true, which are false and how some affect the individual negatively through the claim and further.

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  • ContentFlorida Personal Injury Compensation

    Compensation for a personal injury is important to the victim to recover, to pay bills and to provide for daily living when he or she is not able to work until fully capable. A personal injury claim in Florida usually arises through negligence with a company or a third party involved in the situation which may physically harm the victim.

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  • ContentWhat Damages Can I Receive in a Wrongful Death Claim in Florida?

    When a victim of an accident dies, his or her surviving family or the representative of the estate may initiate a claim for wrongful death against a person or company that caused the loss of life. Generally, these claims are for accidental injury while at work, intentional harm or malicious injuries that the other party inflicted in some manner.

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  • ContentWhat You Need to Know about Florida Personal Injury Claims

    Personal injury claims in the state of Florida require certain details and rules followed by involved parties to include the statute of limitations that sets a specific time limit on initiating the claim. Other matters involve the parties in the case such as car insurance companies, the victim and a criminal perpetrator.

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