Personal Injury Settlements and Damages Available in Illinois

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Personal injury cases in Illinois are dependent on many different factors such as the type of injury and who is liable. In this guide, learn how Illinois handles personal injury lawsuits and what damages may be available.

  • ContentHow Are Damages Assessed in Illinois Personal Injury Cases?

    The amount of compensation a personal injury victim is entitled to receive is based on the extent of damages that they sustained. Damages are the measurable harm that a person sustained as a result of a personal injury. Calculating these damages involves a careful analysis of the harm the victim suffered. Damages are different in every case.

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  • ContentWhat are the Illinois Time Limits For A Lawsuit for an Adult or Minor's Personal Injury Case?

    Illinois has a statute of limitations that acts as a time limit by which a lawsuit must be filed if a minor or adult is injured in a personal injury case. If this time limit passes, a plaintiff may be barred from bringing forth his or her claim.

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  • ContentProving Liability and Damages in Personal Injury Lawsuit

    Millions of people are injured or killed in personal injury accidents every year. When an injury or death is caused by negligence, the victim (or the victim’s family) may be able to recover compensation from the negligent party. But in order to obtain financial recovery, the plaintiff must prove two things in a personal injury lawsuit: (1) liability and (2) damages.

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  • ContentCalculating Damages in a Personal Injury Case

    The law provides for monetary compensation if someone causes you personal injuries away from the job. Workers’ compensation, on the other hand, provides monetary relief for injuries suffered on the job, irrespective of fault.

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  • ContentSettling a Personal Injury Suit

    Many people believe that when they hire a lawyer, this will inevitably lead to a suit being filed and an eventual trial before a judge and jury. Many cases are resolved short of trial, and many without suit ever being filed.

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  • ContentDespite Pressure to Settle a Personal Injury Lawsuit, It's Important to Wait

    Anyone who’s been injured in an accident is understandably eager to settle their personal injury lawsuit. The pressure to settle can be enormous, especially if you are out of a job or working reduced hours because of the injuries, while at the same time facing mounting medical bills and other expenses. But it’s very important to resist the temptation to accept a low-ball settlement offer early in a case. Here’s why.

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