Police Brutality Law

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What happens when a police officer becomes violent without provocation? Officer’s may be held liable for hurting their citizens, or for failing to protect. Learn more about what may happen in a police abuse case.

  • ContentBringing a Lawsuit Against the Police for Brutality

    The injuries suffered by victims of police brutality may be extensive and require several medical procedures that are expensive and may not be fully covered by health insurance.

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  • ContentLegal Doctrine of State-Created Danger and Police Liability

    The general rule is that law enforcement officers are not held liable for failing to protect their citizens. However, there are exceptions to this rule. One such exception is the state-created danger legal doctrine.

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  • ContentPolice Taser Abuse Cases - What You Need to Know

    Taser abuse involving police officers usually happens when the individual cop is unaware of how to use the weapon, has little or no training or intentionally harms the victim against procedure and to inflict bodily harm. These incidents can lead to a legitimate lawsuit against the precinct or the specific officer that caused the damage.

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  • ContentWhen Cops Accidentally Shoot Someone, What is the Consequence?

    On a Saturday night in September, 2013, an emotionally disturbed man ran through Times Square in New York City mimicking the action of firing a gun at police. Believing in the heat of the moment that they may actually be under fire, the officers responded with actual bullets, hitting two innocent bystanders. Just a few months earlier, nine bystanders were hit by police bullets during a shootout with a disgruntled man who shot a former coworker in the financial district.

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  • ContentWhen Using a Taser Is Excessive Force

    Excessive force is a violation of the United States Constitution. Some states may label the use of a taser stun gun when injuring a person as this excessive force.

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