Potential Consequences after a Traffic Ticket

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Besides having to pay a fine and losing points on your license, there are other possible consequences which may arise after a traffic ticket. These include jail time, raised insurance, and a possible effect on employment.

  • ContentCan I go to Jail for a Traffic Ticket?

    Continued traffic tickets need attention for resolution before law enforcement need to take more drastic measures. However, the first step is usually a suspended driver’s license that could lead to the individual losing his or her vehicle to impound when caught driving, and then police may arrest the person if he or she incurs additional violations.

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  • ContentCan Traffic Tickets Affect My Employment?

    In certain situations, a person who receives a traffic ticket could see an impact on his or her employment if he or she uses a vehicle as part of the job such as a Lyft or Uber or when delivering food. Understanding how the ticket affects employment is important and could bring some awareness into the matter and how to avoid such complications.

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  • ContentHow to Avoid Trouble During a Traffic Stop

    Millions of Americans fear what can happen during a traffic stop. The names “Ferguson” and “Rodney King” have taken on a significance in the national psyche that will not soon be shaken.

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  • ContentThe Effect a Speeding Ticket Has on Your Insurance

    Speeding tickets often affect the driver’s insurance in various ways depending on the frequency of tickets, the speeds he or she was driving and other involved factors. It is necessary to contact the insurance company to determine how these elements may lead to such consequences and how to avoid them best.

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  • ContentWhat Are the Possible Penalties Associated with a Traffic Ticket?

    Those that violate traffic laws may find various consequences and penalties incurred depending on a myriad of circumstances that usually include the different state laws and the driving record of the ticketed individual. To know what possible penalties may arise, the person may need to research the state laws and contact legal help for full details.

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  • ContentWhat Happens After You Get a Traffic Ticket?

    After you get a traffic ticket, you want to know what happens next and what you can do about it. For most people, it simply means paying the ticket and going to traffic school to remove any points on your driving record. It’s expensive, but a fairly simple situation to take care of.

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  • ContentLicense Suspended and Acquiring a License from Another

    Many traffic violations may cause the suspension of a driver’s license. When multiple crimes have been accumulated, when some violations have not been resolved and other similar situations, the state licensing agency often suspends the person’s license as punishment.

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