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Why Upgrade to a Premium Listing?

More than 1,200,000 unique visitors are looking for legal help on each month. As with any other online search, the listings that get the most attention are the ones that appear higher in the results. You can make sure that your law firm holds one of these coveted positions for all of your locations and practice areas when you upgrade from a Basic Listing to a Premium Listing.

A Premium Listing is only US$195/year for law firms with up to 10 lawyers and 1 office. That's just $0.53 per day! Annual Pricing

Here are a few more privileges Premium subscribers enjoy:

  • Premium Listings are $195/year for law firms up to 10 lawyers and 1 office. This is one of the best deals on the Internet to promote a law firm.* Pricing
  • Premium Listings present comprehensive information about your services, offices, and lawyers, including your logo, lawyer profiles, and access to your website and social networks. 
  • You can create your full Premium Listing in minutes. It will appear online immediately after your payment has been processed.
  • We offer complimentary editorial services to help you create your Premium Listing and choose the right keywords to benefit your firm.
  • Premium Listings can be managed 24/7 in your account. Updates are unlimited and free of charge.
  • Premium subscribers can post an unlimited number of videos from their account for no additional cost.
  • Premium subscribers can publish unlimited legal articles to our directory for no additional cost.
  • Premium Listing pages include a social networking sites feature which allows visitors to follow and/or recommend the law firm listing.
  • Premium Listings appear above Basic Listings in the directories.
  • Premium Listings are linked to a separate, searchable page of legal articles (Example) and videos (Example) that have been submitted by the firm.
  • Premium subscribers may include a link to their Google+ page, adding Google authorship. 
  • Only Premium subscribers can lock in the Top of Practice Area Directory position for each law firm location and area of practice, at an additional nominal cost.
  • Only Premium subscribers can purchase Top of City Directory position for the directory of all law firms and lawyers in the city where your office is located.
  • Only (US) Premium subscribers can purchase Additional Cities allowing you to maintain a presence in all geographical areas where you provide legal services, whether you have a physical office there or not.
  • Only Premium subscribers may include their YouTube page link helping you attract more traffic with eye-catching video.
  • Premium subscribers may also include links to their social networking pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and/or YouTube) in their Premium Listing to help stay abreast of the current law firm promotional trends.

Where Your Premium Listing Appears

Your listing information will be posted on our directory (Example: Family Law Illinois) based on location, practice areas, firm and lawyer name(s), and legal articles published on our site by your law firm. Subsequently, thanks to's powerful search engine, each word or group of words entered relating to these fields, will result in your Premium Listing appearing in the search results.

*Please note, your Premium Listing will appear in the directories of the city (or cities) and state/country where your paid office(s) are physically located, and for your firms's areas of practice which you select in your Listing Form.

When you first subscribe (and again when you renew your Premium Listing), your Premium Listing will appear as follows:

  • At the beginning of your country's directory for all lawyers/law firms.
  • At the beginning of your state's directory for all lawyers/law firms. (*US only).
  • At the beginning of your city's directory for all lawyers/law firms.
  • Near the beginning of the applicable directories for your practice areas in the city where your office is physically located.

Your listing will then gradually move down in position in all these directories as it is replaced by other Premium Listing subscribers and renewals. As a Premium subscriber, you are also eligible to purchase the Top of Practice Area Directory position for your law firm city and practice area for a full 12 months, if available, for only $100/year per "city + practice area" directory.

What's Included on Your Premium Listing

You can create your own listing in minutes or let a member of our team of experts do it for you. This editorial service is included in the cost of your listing.

Specific areas your listing includes:

1. Law Firm Name, Contact Information, Email Address, Website, Phone and Fax Numbers.

2. Listing Title
- The title of your listing will help prospective clients understand the core business of your firm (Example: "Criminal Defense Attorneys in Houston, Texas"). It will also appear on the local directory. If you use a generic d/b/a, the title may reflect this d/b/a name.

3. Your Logo or Photo - Your logo or photo will be posted at the top of your listing and will be linked to your website home page.

4. Your Law Firm's Location - A Google Map of your office location so prospective clients can quickly find your office.

5. Links to Your Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
Google+ and YouTube - You can take advantage of the promotional aspects of social networking at no additional cost.

6. Office Listings - A Premium Listing includes a full listing for one office. You may add additional offices to your Premium Listing for $100/year, per additional office. (Example of an additional office listing).

7. Fast Facts About Your Firm - These include other informational facts about your firm, such as free consultation, contingency fee cases accepted, credit card payments accepted, languages spoken at your firm, and the year your firm was established.

8. Your Articles on - Each of your articles will be linked automatically to your listing and include your website url, offering additional exposure to your publications and firm (Example). You may also include Google authorship via a link to your Google+ account. For information on how to take advantage of this feature, see Articles.

9. Your Law Firm's Videos - Post all your videos at no extra cost (Example). For information on how to take advantage of this feature, see Videos.

10. Your Firm Description - You can present unlimited information about your firm, services and experience to describe what your firm has to offer to prospective clients.

11. Video Introduction of Your Law Firm  - Video is eye-catching, dynamic and hugely popular. It gives your clients a personal connection to you and your firm. If you have a promotional video for your law firm, it will be featured prominently on your Premium Listing.

12. Your Practice Areas - Your Premium Listing includes up to 50 areas of practice and there are 260 to choose from. Your Premium Listing will appear on the local practice area directory for each practice area you select.

13. Practice Area Descriptions - Provide brief descriptions of your primary practice areas so potential clients can understand your firm's specialties.

14. Law Firm Affiliations
- You may list all your law firm affiliations, which enhances the professionalism of your firm.

15. Lawyer Profiles -
A Premium Listing includes a full profile for one lawyer at your firm (Example of an Lawyer Profile).

16. Links to Your Website - Potential clients may access your website and its applicable pages from your Premium Listing.

Example of a Premium Listing

    After listing your firm, updates of your listing are free and unlimited.

    Premium Listing - Annual Pricing is one of the most affordable and comprehensive advertising opportunities on the Internet today. A full Premium Listing costs only $195/year for law firms with up to 10 lawyers and 1 office. Premium Listing prices are automatically calculated on the number of lawyers and offices you indicate in your registration form. Please see Invoicing for Additional Offices and/or Lawyers for more information.

    Each additional office is $100/year, per office in addition to the Premium Listing price. Each paid office listing appears in the directories of the cities where your offices are located. You can purchase additional office listings from your account at anytime. See pricing below. 

    The listing price will increase based on the number of lawyers worldwide for the firm following the price list below.

    Annual price in US$, per number of offices and lawyers:

    $195 - 1 office and up to 10 lawyers
    $295 - Maximum 2 offices and 11 to 25 lawyers
    $395 - Maximum 3 offices and 26 to 50 lawyers
    $495 - Maximum 4 offices and 51 to 100 lawyers
    $595 - Maximum 5 offices and 101 to 250 lawyers
    $695 - Maximum 6 offices and 251 to 500 lawyers
    $795 - Maximum 7 offices and 501+ lawyers

    Each additional office is $100/year

    For example:
    A law firm with 2 offices and 10 lawyers, will pay $295 a year
    A law firm with 2 offices and 38 lawyers, will pay $395 a year
    A law firm with 10 offices and 760 lawyers, will pay $1,095 a year.

    Multiple Websites and Premium Listings

    You may include only one website (one root domain) per Premium Listing, plus your blog if it has a different root domain. However, the More Information section at the bottom of your Premium Listing does allow you to include different pages of your single website (areas of practice, articles, etc). Learn more.

    List Your Firm

    To add your law firm to our directory with a Premium Listing, and start attracting more customers, please click on the button below. Your Premium Listing will be online upon payment, subject to review by our team. Our goal is to keep our directory accurate and informative. provides legal information to visitors worldwide. When creating your listing, please do not copy/paste from your website; instead, we invite you to post unique and original content. We reserve the right to remove any duplicate content from our site. Please take a moment to read our editorial guidelines. screens all listing applicants for validity and reserves the right to refuse to post your listing or to remove your listing, at our discretion, if you do not adhere to our editorial guidelines and terms and conditions, or should we determine your law practice is not legitimate or misrepresents its business, services, locations, lawyers’ bio, etc. in any manner. By submitting a listing to, you confirm that you are authorizing to publish your information and that you own the copyright of the text, logos and pictures posted on and on your own website.

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