Private Bus Accidents and the Law

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Who pays when a passenger is injured in a private bus accident? Learn what to do after a private bus accident, who is legally responsible, and who you may be able to receive compensation from.

  • ContentCharter Bus Accident - Who Is Legally Responsible?

    Accidents with a charter bus may occur due to various factors to include the bus itself, the company behind the charter bus and traffic that is all around the vehicle. The internal elements of these situations may also cause problems for the driver that could lead to the initial accident and subsequent physical harm to the passengers.

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  • ContentCruise Ship Liability for a Bus Excursion Accident

    The connection between the cruise ship operator and the bus excursion usually requires this person one both the bus and the ship and operating both or directing the bus when the accident occurs. The difficult part in pursuing this type of claim is holding the other party liable for the bus collision if he or she is not the operator of the bus as well.

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  • ContentTour Bus Accidents - Can I Sue the Driver or the Tour Company?

    When a tour, charter or commercial bus trip is involved in an accident, individuals who are injured will need to know who is responsible for the incident and what liability applies. Some have the option to choose based on the specific fault in the accident such as the driver’s impaired senses or the tour company behind the scenes.

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  • ContentInjured on a Long-Distance Bus Trip

    Long-distance bus trips could lead to injuries when the company or manufacturer does not ensure the maintenance of the bus or by using protective measures to safeguard that those reside on the bus for these longer trips. Violates of protection methods and increased security for customers on the bus may also lead to a lawsuit.

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