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Pro bono services are sometimes offered as a way for individuals who cannot afford legal services to obtain such services. Learn about pro bono laws, whether you may qualify for pro bono assistance and other ways that you may be able to take care of legal issues if you are unable to afford a private lawyer.

  • ContentPro Bono Law

    Find out more about pro bono law and whether it may be available to assist you with your legal problem.

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  • ContentWhat Are the Conditions Needed to Qualify for a Pro Bono Lawyer?

    Lawyers are often very expensive. They are highly trained professionals with in-demand skills that cause fees to be higher for their time, knowledge and services. But, some lawyers are willing to offer at least a portion of their time to help the less fortunate. So, how do you get pro bono legal representation?

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  • ContentI Cannot Pay for a Lawyer. What Should I Do?

    Most people do not expect the need for a lawyer will ever arise, and so they do not plan for the costs one entails. While many lawyers charge hundreds of dollars per hour for their services, there are a few options available for individuals who are unable to pay for a lawyer.

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  • ContentI Have No Money, How Can I Hire an Attorney?

    Frequently, those who need a lawyer most are also those that are least capable of paying for one. Whether accused of a crime, injured in an accident or facing the possible loss of children through a custody dispute, there are many situations where the need for a lawyer is vital even if the finances to pay one are not available. So, how does a person hire a lawyer with no money?

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  • ContentWhat Can a Legal Aid Clinic Do for Me?

    Many in legal trouble have needed the aid of an attorney but did not have the financial resources to pay for one. Some have heard of legal aid organizations but may wonder what services these organizations can provide and how useful they really are.

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