Product Liability Law in California

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Defective or dangerous products lead to hundreds of injury in California every year. Product liability law ensures responsibility and liability from a manufacturer. Learn what your options are if you have been injured from a defective product.

  • ContentWhy Skechers Shape-ups Toning Shoes are Dangerous

    Shoes, especially shoes meant for exercise should provide support and stability in order to prevent injuries.

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  • ContentProduct Misrepresentation: How California Law Protects Consumers

    A Southern California woman recently made headlines after she personally sued Honda in small claims court when her car failed to live up to promise mileage standards, resulting in financially injurious consequences for her. The woman, Heather Peters, was awarded $9,867 from the small claims court judge and is encouraging others to follow her lead in making claims against Honda. A lawyer examines her case and explains the laws protecting consumers from product misrepresentation.

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  • ContentLead Contaminated Toys Cost Mattel Over $50 Million

    High concentrations of lead found in millions of toys produced by Mattel in 2007 has caused them to agree to settle lawsuits in excess of $50 million, according to MSNBC. These toys posed a health hazard to children due to the high concentrations of lead in the toys.

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  • ContentVaping Is Killing Children

    Vaping kills children. I can’t write it any more plainly than that.

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  • ContentAre there Dangerous Products Lurking in Your Home?

    In an investigation of recalled products last November, ABC News found that a typical product recall only recovers five to 20 percent of affected products. With hundreds of products recalled every year, it is very likely that you have a dangerous or defective product somewhere in your home.

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  • ContentGun Flashlight Wrongful Death: A Case of Defective Design or Product Misuse?

    SureFire is a California company that makes gun-mounted flashlights and weapons accessories used by law enforcement officials throughout the United States. Recently, however, a Dallas, Texas family sued the company, alleging that a bad flashlight design led to an inadvertent shooting and fatal personal injury. An attorney examines which argument concerning the cause of the death is more likely to prove successful in court: defective product design or product misuse.

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  • ContentProduct Defect Claims in California - The Most Important Things to Know

    Product defect claims in the state of California have three primary and most important aspects that the injured party should understand as well as how they govern over the claim itself. The most important elements often depend on the manufacturer, the injury and the defect that caused the injury, and with this information, the lawyer can pursue the claim.

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