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More than 1,200,000 unique visitors come looking for legal help on each month. You can take advantage of highly ranked website by registering your law firm with a free Basic Listing or upgraded Premium Listing.

Free Basic Listing

Basic Listings are free and include the name of your firm, full address, phone and fax numbers, a short title stating your main areas of practice, and a brief firm overview (Example.) Full information at Basic Listing Overview.

Premium Listing Starting at $195/year ONLY

For maximum exposure, you can subscribe to one of the most affordable and efficient advertising opportunities on the Internet today with a Premium Listing (Example).

Premium Listings support logos/pictures, email addresses, access to your website and social networking pages, and so much more! Additionally, Premium Listings always appear above Basic Listings in all of our directories. Compare Basic and Premium Listing Features. Learn about the advantages of listing with a Premium Listing. provides legal information to visitors worldwide. When creating your listing, please do not copy/paste from your website; instead, we invite you to post unique and original content. We reserve the right to remove any duplicate content from our site.

Effective and Affordable

Listing your law firm on is the first step to attracting a larger client base. This alone can go a long way towards making your firm and your business website more visible to potential clients. But why stop there? offers several simple, yet effective and very affordable options to help maximize your Internet presence and draw more clients to your door.

Let show you how making your firm stand out from the crowd can help prospective clients find you faster.

Existing Premium Listing Subscribers

If you are already a Premium Listing subscriber, there are ten additional tools you can use to maximize the benefits you will receive from your listing:

promote your listing

If you are still a Basic Listing subscriber, please consider upgrading to an Premium Listing, as this offers one of the most cost-effective online advertising options available to law firms in today's competitive market.

From only $195/year, you can upgrade your Basic Listing to a full Premium Listing

For only $195/year (for law firms with up to 10 lawyers and 1 office) your firm can enjoy the benefits of a full Premium Listing with access to various pages on your website, so potential clients can find your photos, logo, articles, videos and a greatly expanded description of your firm, expertise and services.

You can easily upgrade your Basic Listing to a Premium Listing from your account, where you can access your invoice and get information about our convenient payment methods.

For detailed instructions, see Upgrade your Basic Listing.

Submit Legal Articles Listing subscribers enjoy submitting an unlimited number of articles to our growing library, that highlight their legal knowledge and expertise. It is one of the best ways to promote your firm on the Internet.

Our Legal Articles section is one of our most popular sections, with more than 80,000 potential clients accessing it to help them find the right law firm. Article submissions by your firm are listed on a separate dedicated tab, which is linked to your listing.

  • Listing Subscribers Submit Legal Articles for No Additional Charge
    The legal articles section is visited by thousands of people looking for legal advice every day. Make sure your expertise is visible on the Internet by publishing legal articles on at no cost when you are a Listing subscriber. And Listing subscribers can add Google+ authorship to their articles! Please visit Submitting Legal Articles to learn how to get started right away.

Post Your Legal Videos 

Another very effective way to attract potential clients to your website is through posting videos. Video is eye-catching, dynamic and hugely popular. It gives your clients a personal connection to you and your firm. It bolsters the legitimacy of your law firm and sets your website apart from sites that are based solely in text. Example of videos posted in a Premium Listing. encourages Premium Listing subscribers to post your videos for free, and allows you to include them in your listing.

For more information, please visit How to Post Your Videos.

Top of Practice Area Directory Position

Premium Listing subscribers may purchase Top of Practice Area Directory position for only $100/year per "city + practice area" directory. This allows you to purchase the Number 1 spot in the directories for your chosen area(s) of practice in your city, if available. And as an added bonus, your listing will also appear at the top of your "state (or country/province) + practice area" directory for a limited time, at no additional cost!

The Number 1 position in any directory receives the most attention and the best results from visitors
seeking information.

To learn more about this advertising option, please visit Top of Practice Area Directory.

Top of City Directory Position

Premium Listing subscribers may purchase Top of City Directory position for only $400/year per directory. This allows you to purchase the Number 1 spot in the "Lawyers, Law Firms Directory" for your city in your country or state.

The top spot in your city directory will draw attention from potential clients in your area looking for local lawyers.

For an overview on this advertising option, please visit Top Position of a City Directory.

Top of Country Directory Position

Premium Listing subscribers may purchase Top of Country Directory position for only $400/year per country. This allows you to purchase the Number 1 spot in the "Country Directory" for your country.

For an overview on this advertising option, please visit Top Position of a Country Directory.

Banner Advertising

Premium Listing subscribers may purchase banner ads on that target your ideal client and increase your exposure on our site. You can own ads with above the fold placements that are anchored to your practice
area and city, which are also randomly rotated on other pages of our website to increase your exposure.

For detailed information about this effective advertising tool, visit Banner Ads.

Additional Cities

If you service a wide area, but don't have office in all these locations, has the solution. For only $50/year per additional city, you can maximize your Internet presence everywhere you need to be.

Your Premium Listing can appear in all the cities where you provide service, even if you don't have an office in that location. This allows you to reach a much wider client base for a minimal price.

For more information about this valuable opportunity to target your service area, please visit Additional Cities.

YouTube Link

If you have a YouTube page, we offer a way to help draw traffic to your listing to make the most of this effective marketing tool.

This link will appear in your Premium Listing near the bottom, with your Social Networking page links.

For more information about this complimentary service for our Premium Listing subscribers and how to add your link, please visit Your YouTube Link.

Create a Social Media Buzz For Your Law Firm

Law Firms today must stay abreast of the current online marketing trends to increase their visibility. Social Media Networking Sites are an integral part of any successful online marketing plan. allows you to optimize this strategy with our Social Media features. Use Google+, Facebook and Twitter to recommend, share and comment on your listing and add your firm's Facebook, Twitter, Linked In Google+ and/or
YouTube account links to your Premium Listing to further promote your business.

Visit Social Networking for more information about these great new features.

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