Prosecuting a White Collar Crime

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Prosecuting a white collar crime may be difficult, because white collar crimes can become very complex and oftentimes don’t have a lot of physical evidence. Learn more about how to proceed during a prosecution and when to get a lawyer.

  • ContentProcess of Prosecution of White Collar Crimes

    There are a variety of crimes that may be inflicted upon others. Of these, the white collar offenses may be some of the more serious ones committed because they are accomplished by professionals at their places of work with manners of concealment that provide a means of obtaining cash, property, services or advantages in work via illegal manners.

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  • ContentAsset Forfeiture for White Collar Crimes - What Are Your Rights?

    When a person commits a financial crime, he or she usually engages in white-collar crime and these can lead to the forfeiture of assets or frozen assets that are untouchable until the criminal proceedings end. Knowing what rights are available during these times is important in understanding how to legally proceed with a lawyer.

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  • ContentCan the Complexity of the Case Help White Collar Crime Defendants

    White collar crimes occur every day throughout the country in businesses and companies. Because some of these violations of the law are complex and complicated, various factors may cause the case to become convoluted and take more time than other cases.

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  • ContentEntrapment - When Can I Use It as a Defense?

    The defense of entrapment usually requires certain criteria before the defendant can even consider using it as the strategy to refute charges in the courtroom, and the lawyer can explain what these factors are. With entrapment, the police officers enticed the person into participation in illegal activities that he or she would not normally engage in at the time.

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