Proving Causation in a Truck Accident

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There are many factors which may contribute to the cause of a commercial truck accident. But what do you actually need in order to prove causation? Learn what evidence is needed to prove the cause of a truck accident and how this evidence may affect your case.

  • ContentCommercial Truck Accident Cases - Critical Evidence to Win

    Faced with property damage and injuries from a commercial trucking accident, the victim will need a lawyer and plenty of evidence to pursue a legal claim. Knowing what to look for and how it could increase the strength of the case is imperative and finding such information and physical evidence is sometimes difficult to accomplish.

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  • ContentCommercial Truck Black Boxes May Provide Evidence for Your Accident Claim

    The black box devices that exist in many commercial trucks provide a person or legal professional with evidence of what happens during an accident and if the trucker or agency share or hold liability in the incident. Knowing what to look for is essential with the black boxes and how to use the data could provide the victim with the necessary proof to hold the driver or company responsible.

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  • ContentCauses of Semi-Truck Accidents

    Thousands of people die every year in accidents involving semi-trucks. Most often the victims are people in passenger vehicles that are ill-equipped to withstand a collision with a vehicle many times its weight and strength.

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  • ContentCommercial Truck Accidents: Relevant Factors and How They Can Affect Your Case

    Commercial truck accidents are often devastating to everyone involved and may increase the chances of serious injury or death for the driver or passenger of either included vehicle in the incident. The factors surrounding these cases are important and may reflect what happens in the courtroom and the outcome of the claim.

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