Public Bus Accidents and the Law

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If you’ve been hurt in an accident involving a government owned bus, you may be able to receive compensation. Depending on the government agency, there may be a statute of limitations for filing your claim.

  • ContentCan I Sue the City If I Was Injured on a City Bus with Faulty Brakes?

    Defective parts on a vehicle usually provide the injured party with the chance to seek a legal option for recovery to include suing the company, manufacturer or another responsible party. In the case where the city is accountable for the damage, the victim may have the ability to initiate a lawsuit against the municipality.

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  • ContentInjuries Caused by School Bus Drivers and How to Collect

    Students that ride on a bus often experience peaceful and non-eventful drives. However, there are some incidents that may transpire while in these vehicles. Of these, there are some accidents or collisions that occur where the young persons are injured.

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  • ContentLegal Steps to Take After a Public Transit Accident

    Many forms of public transport are used each day in various cities around the world. They allow faster travel and easier convenience than cars on many occasions. Just as cars and trucks encounter damage through collisions, trains, buses and even light rails may encounter the same issues.

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  • ContentSchool Bus Accident - Does Governmental Immunity Bar Suing the School District?

    When a school bus causes severe injury to the individual student in an accident, it is important to know if the government immunity provides a ban on actually suing the school district to recover damages in these situations. The parents and legal support may need to research the specific matter based on the state as well as federal laws governing these situations.

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