Real Estate Titling and Deed Law

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Learn about Titling, the different types of real estate deeds, the quiet title versus equitable title, the estate liens and how a lawyer can help you with the processes.

  • ContentWhat Is a "Quiet Title" in Real Estate Law?

    Real estate deals are often complex with many different concepts that apply to certain transactions and issues that may arise. One of these areas is a quiet title. These may have actions or may only be part of real estate dealings.

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  • ContentDifferent Types of Real Estate Deeds and What They Mean to You

    Real estate deeds are provided through property purchases or transfers in most instances. However, there are many versions of real estate deeds, and each means something different. For those that may have a challenge or possible concern with a deed, it is essential to understand what these documents mean and how they apply.

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  • ContentQuiet Title Actions - Legal Title versus Equitable Title

    Some situations arise that demand a quiet action in real estate deals, title conflicts and a completion of ownership transfers and claims. When someone must file to authenticate their title being valid despite claims explaining that it is not, the individual usually must undergo a quiet title action.

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  • ContentUnderstanding What a Real Estate Lien Is and Is Not

    Many property owners have liens on their houses or land. While it is best to ensure these are not still active and have been paid off, that is not always possible for homeowners. Before the house may be sold, most liens must be removed.

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  • ContentLaws to Know When Investing in Real Estate

    There are many policies and regulations that could stop the best possible opportunities in real estate investments, and these are often due to complications in the location or issues with the property. Knowing what to look for and how to surpass the problem is essential for anyone seeking to increase his or her investment portfolio with real estate.

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