Registration for Sex Offenders

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Learn about sex offender registrations, when it is necessary to be added to the sex offender registration, how to register and the consequences of failing to register. Also, learn about the repercussions of registering and ways to avoid having to register as a sex offender.

  • ContentSex Offenders and Predators

    Sadly, the news is constantly filled with reports of various sex crimes like rape, teachers having sex with underage students and child pornography rings. Another frequent story is that of the sex offender that commits these acts repeatedly and hurts somebody. Which crimes will result in registration? How can you find out about sex offenders near you, and how big of a threat are these people?

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  • ContentIs Sex Offender Registration Part of the Answer or Part of the Problem?

    Sex offender registration laws exist in the 50 states of America in some form. Though initially they were to provide information about the convicted sex offenders, this practice is now a punishment that assists in discouraging continued and initial negative behavior.

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  • ContentCan I Get My Name Removed from an Offender List?

    If a person commits certain sexual crimes in North Carolina, his or her name may be added to a sex offender registry. Being added to this list requires the convicted individual to register his or her name, address and other information so that his or her whereabouts are known by the public and law enforcement.

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  • ContentSex Offender Registry Removal

    In limited circumstances, it is possible to have your name removed from the sex offender registry. In some cases, this is an automatic process. In others, you must petition for this act.

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