Seeking Asylum in the United States

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People who leave their home country because they fear persecution may apply for asylum in the United States. However, an applicant must meet several requirements and eligibility guidelines in order to be admitted.

  • ContentHow Do I Qualify for Asylum?

    Individuals who are presently in the United States who legitimately fear persecution in their home country may apply for asylum. However, before asylum is granted, an applicant must follow several requirements and meet eligibility guidelines.

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  • ContentIs Legal Status Possible If I Used a False Name on My Asylum Application?

    Asylum is a special immigration status that allows someone to potentially stay in a country even though he or she did not qualify for immigration on other grounds. Asylum may be granted to individuals who are being persecuted for religious or political beliefs.

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  • ContentRefugee Status - Can It Lead to Citizenship

    People who leave their home country because of concern regarding their safety may be able to come to the United States. They may be able to receive legal immigration status. In some instances, refugee status may ultimately lead to citizenship.

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  • ContentImportant Factors Affecting Immigration

    U.S. immigration law is very complex, and can be very confusing. In order to understand the process, you need to understand the factors related to the law and policies of immigration.

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