Selling or Merging a Business in California

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There are specific legal actions an owner needs to make in order to get his business ready for sale. It is important to thoroughly research these matters and determine which type of sale to consider. Discover more about the steps involved when selling or merging a business in California.

  • ContentWinding Down: How to Properly Close your Business

    Businesses close for a number of reasons. Sometimes, they close because the founder has suddenly become ill or has passed away, or perhaps because of bad economic times, increased competition or poor management. No matter why, all business owners must undertake a number of steps before closing their doors.

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  • ContentLeaving a Medical Practice / Closing a Medical Practice

    This article gives a very brief overview of how a physician leaves or closes a medical practice. The physician can’t just walk away – leaving or closing a medical practice is more complex than you think. In this article I try to give both sides of the story, that is, the perspectives of both the individual physician and the group practice.

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  • ContentBuying and Selling Private, Closely Held Businesses

    Buying or selling a business is a complex process. Legal, tax, accounting, valuation and psychology issues are all involved. This seminar and this outline only introduce certain basic matters to you.

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  • ContentPreparing to Sell a Solo Medical Practice

    In this article, the author gives some thoughts on preparing to sell your solo medical practice.

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