Sex Crimes and the Law in Georgia

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There are many different types of sex crimes, and the punishment for each varies on a state by state basis. How do sex crimes move through the Georgia court system, and how can a lawyer help you navigate your case?

  • ContentGeorgia Sex Offender Registry (SOR): The Most Common 7 Frequently Asked Questions

    "Who Must Register As A Sex Offender In Georgia? Before being released from prison on a probated sentence, or placed on parole, sex offenders must provide the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and the local county sheriff’s office where the probationer or parolee will be living. This adds the new county resident and his or her location information to the sex offender registry GA “book” at the county jail. Once done, he or she is on the GA sex registry for the GBI sex offender list. Plus, the national sex offender registry will have the notification."

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  • ContentSex Offender Registry GA: Hiring a Sex Crimes Lawyer

    "Sex Offender Registry Georgia: Hiring a Sex Crimes Attorney for Aggravated Sodomy, Statutory Rape or other Sex Crime Strict laws in Georgia exist regarding how sex offenders will be identified, tracked, and their movements controlled FOR LIFE after leaving prison. Many local sheriffs in Georgia identify sex offenders as a continuing danger to society, and keep a tight reign on any convicted offenders within their counties. This article addresses that draconian and inflexible set of laws. This is especially true for convicted sexual predators with a prior conviction. A person convicted of statutory rape will likely have to register with the sheriff of his or her county until the end of that probation period."

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  • ContentGeorgia Sex Offender Laws: Changes Wrought by the Whitaker v. Perdue Class Action Lawsuit

    In 2010, The Georgia Legislature was required to re-write many provisions of Georgia laws pertaining to the sex offender registry GA law, and make it possible for those convicted of various sex crimes to be able to find places to live, to be able to lease apartments and homes, and to not be relegated to having limited options for a residence to only a sliver of land in the county where they resided. (The handout produced through the Southern Center for Human Rights was made available to all GACDL member, of which Larry Kohn is a member.)

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  • ContentAggravated Sodomy Law in Georgia under OCGA 16-16-2

    "Georgia's sodomy law is one of the crimes in the Peach State that immediately conjures up harsh punishment, for any conviction. Being convicted of any sex offense in GA will be life-changing by virtue of what the sex offender registry GA mandates. This rule applies to any conviction. Being convicted of any sex offense will be life-changing by virtue of sex offender registry GA mandates. Sex offender registry laws are both national and state-by-state, with Georgia sex registry laws being among the nation’s toughest."

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