Sex Crimes and the Law in New York

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There are many different types of sex crimes, and the punishment for each varies on a state by state basis. How do sex crimes move through the California court system, and how can a lawyer help you navigate your case?

  • ContentNew York Prostitution

    Prostitution in New York is defined as engaging in sexual relations with another person for money or services. This includes agreeing to engage in these activities or offering to do so. Typically, this crime is a Class B misdemeanor with a possible maximum of 90 days in jail. These crimes are common in certain areas of the city, and law enforcement agents may sometimes use prostitutes as informants for other crimes.

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  • ContentProstitution and Patronizing a Prostitute in New York

    You can be charged with prostitution if you engage in, agree to engage in, or offer to engage in sexual acts with another person in return for money. Prostitution is a class B misdemeanor, with a potential sentence of not more than 90 days in jail.

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  • ContentSex Crimes and the Sex Offender REgistry

    It is also important to understand that you will be required to register under SORA for conviction of any sex crime, not just for sex crimes involving minors. This includes rape or sexual assault, child pornography, and molestation or sexual abuse of a child.

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  • ContentThe Difficulty of Practicing New York STD Law

    STD law falls under tort law. By definition, a tort occurs when one person’s act – whether careless or intentional – causes an injury to another’s person or property. If a tort has occurred, the party who committed the act may be held accountable for money damages.

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