Shareholders and Business Partners Rights and Regulations CA

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Conflicts often arise when business decisions are shared by multiple people, such as business partners or shareholders. It is important to understand how best to proceed when these conflicts arise and what legal options are open to everyone in California.

  • ContentWhat Happens When a Partner or Co-Owner is Stealing From the Company?

    What should you do if you suspect that one of your partners or a co-owner is stealing money from the company? What proof are you required to obtain, and what course of action must you take to protect your interests? The first and most important thing to do is clear your mind and do your best to remove emotion from the equation for now. A mind filled with anger is distracted and cannot think clearly.

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  • ContentUsing Involuntary Dissolution to Resolve Shareholder Disputes

    Shareholders and partners are like married couples: they fight. It makes no difference that the dispute is between deadlocked equal partners, or between minority and majority shareholders. In both cases, the shareholders and partners need a divorce.

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  • ContentProtecting the Rights of Minority Shareholders and Dissenting Shareholders in San Diego

    What should you know about protecting the rights of minority shareholders and dissenting shareholders in San Diego California? California has granted specific rights to minority shareholders of corporations who are based in California, even if the company was formed under the corporate laws of another state such as a “Delaware Corporation.”

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  • ContentBringing in a New Partner

    You need to know how to bring in a new shareholder or partner to help run your business. If you're the new partner, you need to know what's at stake when you step into the business. When I speak of a "partner," I mean a partner in the non-legal sense, that is, the incoming doctor, dentist, chiropractor, software writer or other professional who will directly service clients on a full-time basis.

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  • ContentAvoiding Legal Actions Between Business Partners

    A partnership is one of the easiest businesses to establish. Start-up costs tend to be lower than for many other types of business structures, such as an LLC or corporation. Partners tend to have more access to capital and greater borrowing capacity because they can fund their business with their personal assets. However, they do risk losing their business and personal assets if the partnership fails, like sole proprietors.

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  • ContentGetting Past California Partnership Disputes

    Partnership disputes in any business can ground all production and selling processes to a complete halt, and without knowing how to resolve these matters, the partners can see the entity fail long before it should or ordinarily would. Getting past these disputes is crucial to keeping all procedures and methods of business progressing and to keep relationships strong.

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