Spousal and Child Support Law in California

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When going through a divorce in California, both parties may be seeking spousal support or child support if there are children involved. Once all financial details are fully disclosed, the judge usually makes his or her order. Learn more here.

  • ContentPaying Child Support in California - Optional Methods

    In many situations, it is possible to pay child support in a different way than the traditional monetary disbursements each week or month to the other spouse. With these special conditions, the noncustodial parent may use a family or personal trust to provide the child support needed, or he or she may set up another method depending on the approval of the courts.

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  • ContentThe Calculation of Child Support in California

    Like many states, California uses child support guidelines to help determine the amount of child support that should be awarded in any particular case. Child support is determined by taking several factors into consideration.

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  • ContentThe Five Types of Spousal Support in California

    California provides for various types of spousal support when couples separate or divorce in the state. Divorce is often an expensive undertaking in many couples. However, the financial disparity between spouses is most recognized during this period, and spousal support provides a way to better equalize the financial situations between the spouses.

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  • ContentAlimony in California - How Is the Amount Determined?

    Alimony calculations in the state of California usually progress through a number of factors that the judge will consider and apply to the situation so that a full amount is clear to both parties seeking to dissolve the relationship. Once all financial details are available and fully disclosed, the judge may render his or her order appropriately.

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