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Police officers must often interrogate suspects and get a confession. Police officers have guidelines about how and when they are able to question suspects. Learn more about what officers can say and what citizens can say to them.

  • ContentHow do I say "No" to the Police?

    You have been stopped, either in a car, in a public place, or walking down the street, and an officer asks you to do something you do not think you should have to do. This would probably be a request to search your person or vehicle. So, when an officer asks you to empty your pockets, allow a search of your car, or for some other consent to search, how do you say “no” without bringing on more suspicion and a possible arrest?

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  • ContentPolice Interrogation and Confessions

    When someone is suspected of committing a crime, one of the most effective ways to convict the individual is to present a confession from him or her admitting to the crime.

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  • ContentPolice Want to Question Me - Do I Need a Lawyer?

    There are times when police want to question someone about a crime he or she knows about but did not participate in so that the local law enforcement agency is able to gather enough information to seek justice. In many of these situations, the individual should hire a lawyer to ensure he or she does not incriminate himself or herself.

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  • ContentHow Much Can You Legally Get Away With Saying to a Cop?

    Admit it, you have probably thought about it. What can you legally say to a cop and get away with it? Maybe an officer pulled you over on the wrong day, maybe you distrust cops, or maybe you just like living on the edge. Whatever your reasoning, you might be surprised to find out that getting a little mouthy is not technically an automatic one way trip to jail.

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  • ContentBehavior when Arrested

    Drivers who are under suspicion of driving under the influence are often pulled over by law enforcement. This is to maintain public order when DUI violations occur and to prevent unnecessary injuries. When subjected to these processes, it is important to obtain a lawyer. It is vital to remain calm and to be cooperative. Knowing how to act and what to do after being arrested is just as important.

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