Tax Laws Aimed at Helping Americans

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The federal government often tries to help Americans who are in precarious situations by adjusting tax law. This includes natural disaster relief, protecting low income individuals from tax hikes, and offsetting taxes for student loans. Understand more about how these laws may work for you.

  • ContentCan I Avoid a Tax Offset?

    Tax offsets are difficult for many that are living on a fixed income and have unpaid debts that require additional support through federal or state income tax returns. While some may feel that paying through this manner is beneficial to avoid garnishments to monthly paychecks, there are several that may need to try to avoid a tax offset.

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  • ContentIRS Issues Extended Tax Deadlines for Disaster Victims

    When disaster strikes, the federal government and certain agencies take notice and attempt to make these issues better in some manner for those affected. When floods, tsunamis, fires and similar natural disasters or manmade problems arise, it is necessary to ensure that citizens within the country are taken care of and provided for.

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  • ContentNatural Disaster Victims and Tax Relief

    Natural disasters cause injuries, death and destruction in their wake, and many require the relief of various agencies and the government to become involved. When these complications arise and affect homeowners or business owners, there are numerous tax relief schemes open to provide support and help against these problems.

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  • ContentPrimer on Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act

    The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act or PATH was implemented to assist individuals and exempt organizations from Internal Revenue Service taxation issues. When each tax change occurs, it is crucial to understand what this means, how it could affect individuals and entities and how to keep within the boundaries set forth by the IRS.

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  • ContentStudent Loan Tax Offset Hardship Arguments

    It is important to know about tax offsets for student loans and if these offsets that remove all income tax refunds from the person create a hardship for the individual current or former student. Graduating from college is often a difficult time where paying bills is not possible without additional monetary support until the degree helps the person find a career.

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  • ContentTax Offsets and Student Loans

    Student loans are difficult to recover from when the person is drowning in debt while still searching for a job to repay the amount, and tax offsets may cause even more problems by taking the refund which may provide crucial income. Understanding what these are and how they work together is important for a graduate or former student.

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