Tax Laws Regarding Marriage and Partnership

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Married spouses are entitled to a number of federal benefits. These tax laws can become confusing and convoluted when factors such as divorce, separation, or same-sex partnership arise. Learn more here.

  • ContentLump Sum Alimony - Is It Considered Extra Income and Will I Owe Taxes On It?

    In general situations before 2019, all alimony payments are subject to taxes and deductions because these amounts are extra income for the ex-spouse after a divorce completes. There are certain mistakes the individual may make when considering the lump sum or when filing taxes, and it is important to understand these issues to avoid penalties.

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  • ContentPaying Taxes on Alimony When Ex-Spouses Remain in the Same Household

    Divorce with another person usually ends all association with direct contact that does not involve the support of children or when there exists an alimony payment. If both parties still live in the same household, this generally will affect the ability to file taxes and how each ex-spouse will do so separately with the tax deductions on spousal support.

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  • ContentWhat Benefits Is My Same-Sex Spouse or Domestic Partner Entitled to?

    Due to a number of important Supreme Court decisions in the 21st century, married same-sex spouses are entitled to a number of benefits that were previously outside their reach. While domestic partners may be entitled to some benefits, married spouses are typically eligible for more benefits. Marriage is a factor in many federal benefits.

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  • ContentWhat Is Innocent Spouse Tax Relief?

    Relief from taxation through filing with or without a spouse occurs when one person in the relationship needs protections against the actions of the other in the marriage. Any misfiling or incorrect details in income may cause serious consequences for both parties when married, and sometimes it is only the fault of one that needs addressing.

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  • ContentHow Does Trump's Tax Law Affect Alimony Awards?

    The tax law changes in the Trump Administration may affect alimony awards through tax deductions that will take effect and remove the possibility of these deductions. This will affect those that receive the amounts from an ex-spouse after a divorce completes and the alimony awards initiate for the tax year.

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  • ContentTax Ramifications for Separated Spouses

    When spouses have legally separated, it is important to ensure that the taxes are filed appropriately for each individual or as a couple if one party is dependent on the other. The ramifications of filing with the wrong data or supplying the Internal Revenue Service with incorrect information could lead to penalties, additional fees and possibly criminal charges.

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