Texas Business Law Guide

Businesses in Texas are viewed as separate entities that have been subjected to their own set of rules. These rules are designed to give businesses in the marketplace fair opportunities. In this comprehensive guide to Texas business law, learn about contract law, starting a business in Texas, and shareholders rights and regulations in the state. In addition, learn about trust and estate law and how a Texas business lawyer may be able to help you in any of these fields.

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  • ContentBusiness Contract Law in Texas

    Business contracts are used by every business for a variety of reasons, such as preventing future conflict and avoiding a liability risk. Although contracts in business settings are often standardized, it is important to know the legal ramifications of every contract when doing business in Texas.

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  • ContentShareholders and Business Partners Rights and Regulations Texas

    Conflicts often arise when business decisions are shared by multiple people. These may be business partners or shareholders. It is important to understand how best to proceed when these conflicts arise and what legal options are open to everyone.

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  • ContentBusiness Start-Up and Purchasing a Business in Texas

    Purchasing a company or a franchise can be very overwhelming in Texas. An understanding of what franchising is and the possible legal ramifications is very important for a successful venture. Learn how to successfully purchase a business while following necessary legal considerations in Texas.

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  • ContentTrust and Estate Law in Texas

    Trust and Estate law handles the protection of assets during a person’s life, as well as the distribution of these assets after death. It is important for people to plan the distribution of their assets early on, and to prepare them with a lawyer.

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  • ContentIntellectual Property Law in Texas

    Intellectual property law refers to the laws designed to protect the rights of the owners and creators of intellectual property, which includes inventions, designs, and artistic works. Learn more about how intellectual property law works in Texas.

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  • ContentHow Can a Texas Business Lawyer Help?

    A Texas business lawyer can help with transactions and business interactions between companies. A lawyer can help to ensure contracts are beneficial and valid with clear wording. Many businesses have at least one lawyer employed to handle these matters.

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  • ContentBusiness Litigation Law in Texas

    Business litigation law in Texas governs disputes which arrive out of commercial and business transactions. This area of law is non-criminal and can lead to huge awards or settlements. Learn how to protect yourself against litigation, how to respond to a civil lawsuit and how a lawyer can help you.

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