The Court Process of Lifting a Restraining Order

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Only a judge can make the decision to lift a restraining order or protective order. Relationship dynamics may change, warranting a second look at the decision. Learn how to lift a restraining order and how to fight a restraining order petition against you.

  • ContentBack Together with My Abuser – Can I Drop an Order of Protection?

    When an order of protection starts, it is possible to drop it based on certain circumstances, but the judge or another judge will still need to evaluate the situation. There are some instances where the order of protection filed is due to improper reasons, and explaining this to the judge could lead to the order dropped quickly

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  • ContentConsequences of an Order of Protection against You

    If an order of protection is taken out by someone, the target must adhere to the rules of the order or face possible charges in court and severe consequences from any adverse actions or reactions to the order. It is important to know what this is, how to behave and how to proceed with the situation peacefully.

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  • ContentFighting Restraining Order Petitions

    Restraining orders are an important tool for victims of domestic violence. They limit the interactions that the victim is subjected to when involving the alleged abuser. They have proven to have a direct impact on the reduction of domestic violence crimes. However, a restraining order can sometimes be taken out based on false allegations.

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  • ContentHow Can I Lift an Order of Protection?

    When someone fears the actions and words of another, he or she may go before a judge and issue an order of protection against him or her for his or her actions or verbal conflict. However, when the individual is either innocent or suffers unduly from the order and its stigma, he or she needs to lift the order by proceeding through the legal procedure.

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  • ContentOrder of Protection - Is It Still In Effect If I Move to Another State?

    When a person already has an order of protection in effect against another person, he or she may need to move to another state based on those or unrelated circumstances. However, the order usually still will remain active as long as the protected party registers it with the courts or police when moving and setting up a residence.

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  • ContentWhen Protection Orders Are Misused

    Victims of domestic violence can secure a protection order so that the alleged abuser cannot be around them. This is a court order that instructs the defendant not to have contact with the victim and to cease any abusive behavior toward the victim.

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  • ContentHow Do I Drop a Restraining Order?

    When the person that had the restraining order issued needs to drop it for various reasons, he or she may need to research how to do so or contact a lawyer for assistance in this matter. Once the judge has the order in place, it may depend on other circumstances such as domestic violence charges issued to the other party before there is the possibility of the order dropping.

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  • ContentHow to Lift a Restraining Order

    Restraining orders are issued in cases involving cases involving domestic violence and cases in which the judge believes that it is necessary to issue a restraining order in order to protect someone from another. However, situations sometimes arise in which a restraining order is not appropriate, such as when it is taken out against an innocent person.

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  • ContentUses of a Restraining Order and Lifting One

    Using a restraining order against someone may cause several problems, and when the parties are in a relationship, this could create conflict and issues outside the normal. The use and implementation of a restraining order could lead to the target having problems at work, community and neighborhood complications and personal relationship circumstances.

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  • ContentViolations and Lifting a Restraining Order

    The lifting of a restraining order is a complex matter if there are violations of the order by the target when he or she needs to interact with the protected party. The violations usually cause the person with the order to remain away from and out of communication with the protected person, and this could complicate the relationship or personal matters that require contact

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  • ContentWhy It Is Important to Lift a Restraining Order

    Lifting a restraining order is often important for certain individuals for a variety of reasons, but some of the essential ones are due to the effect it has on children in a relationship, when the person is responsible for the well-being of another and when he or she takes care of others such as a dependent. Lifting the restraining order then becomes vital.

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