Theft, Vandalism and White Collar Crime Law in Minnesota

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The Minnesota Penal Code discusses burglary and robbery in Minnesota. Learn what the penalties are, and how you can receive compensation if you have been victimized. This guide also discusses white collar crime which includes fraud, forgery, embezzlement, and more.

  • ContentVandalism and Penalties in Minnesota

    There are several types of vandalism possible, and the penalties that the person may face are of greater or lesser degree based on the circumstances of the criminal participation of the individual. The citizen of Minnesota should understand and know the legal process to mitigate the potential disaster of a conviction and any penalties levied for the activity.

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  • ContentTheft in Minnesota: Don't Let It Ruin Your Life

    We are human with human frailties who are never free from temptation or mistake, but you do not have to let a theft charge ruin your life. With experienced representation, you may often be able to avoid a conviction for theft even where defense do not appear strong.

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  • ContentArson - Why Your Criminal Defense Attorney Matters

    Arson cases can either be charged in federal or state court. In Minnesota, the most common arson charge is arson in the first degree, which charges that the person intentionally set fire to his home or other dwelling, usually for the insurance money or some other financial reason. This is a serious charge that, if convicted, will likely result in at least a 4-year prison sentence. If you or a family member is facing charges of arson, you need an attorney experienced in handling arson cases.

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  • ContentTax Evasion in Minnesota

    Tax evasion is usually a criminal act that someone takes to avoid paying federal or state taxes for various items such as income, payroll or sales tax when there are various expenses and profits with either personal taxation or a business tax. When incurring these charges, the individual or business owner can suffer severely if convicted.

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  • ContentHealth Care Fraud in the State of Minnesota

    The crimes of healthcare fraud come in a variety of actions that a person or entity can take depending on the possible scheme or scam against the service, carrier or person. It is possible for both a single individual or a company at large to commit healthcare fraud with misrepresentation or by attempting to take from a legitimate claim.

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