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Normal Listing Position/Top of Country Directory Position
What is the Top of State or Country Directory Position?
Important Notice Regarding Search Results
How Much Does it Cost?
Ordering a Top of Country Directory Position
Top of Practice Area Directory Position (City + Practice Area) 

Each month, 1,200,000 unique visitors actively search for legal services on In any search results, the top positions receive the most attention and traffic from prospective clients. Now your law firm can lock in that position in your country directory.

Normal Listing Position & Top of Country Directory Position

Lock in the Top Position for the State or Country Directory where your office is located.

General Listing Placement When a Premium Subscriber Initially Lists or Renews

When you first list your firm with a Premium Listing (and again when you renew your Premium Listing), it appears as follows:

  • At the beginning of your state or country's directory for all lawyers/law firm listings;
  • At the beginning of your city's directory for all lawyers/law firm listings; and
  • Near the beginning of the applicable directories for your city + practice areas.

Your Premium Listing then gradually drops down in all these directories, as it is replaced by new subscribers and renewals in your country, city and applicable practice areas.

Only the Top Position, purchased by directory, remains constant for a full twelve months. As a Premium subscriber, you can purchase a Top of Country Directory position for one or more countries where you have paid offices.

 What is the Top of a Country Directory Position?

Your Premium Listing will appear in the Number 1 position of the "Country Directory" for the country you have purchasedThis does not include or refer to all practice area directories for the country directory you purchase(To be Number 1 in 'City + Practice Area' directories, see Top of Practice Area Directory Position).

For example: Locking in the Top of Country for Egypt will have your Premium Listing appear in the first position for Egypt for 1 year.

Important Notice

Please note that the Top of Country Directory position is not valid for the search results obtained from the search module. When a person types keywords into the search module, the Top of Country directory position might not appear in the results. The Top of Country directory position is only guaranteed to appear on the directories.

- Example of a directory for Egypt Lawyers, Law Firms

As you can see, the URL includes the country. In this case, the firm that purchased the Top of Country directory position will appear on the directory in the Number 1 position for 12 months, for only US$400.

- Example of a search result in for a lawyer in Egypt. 

If you type "Egypt Lawyer" in the search module, the URL will be

You will notice that the URL does not mention of the area of practice or location.

In this case, the firm who purchased the Top of Country position might NOT appear at the top of the search results. The reason being that the visitor might type keywords involving different areas of practice or locations (Example: Criminal Law Cairo, Egypt, Theft Cairo Egypt, or Lawyer Cairo) instead of the exact wording for the directory.

However, Internet search engines capture Directories rather than actual search results. Therefore, when is located by a search engine, it always appears with its directories. This is why being in the Number 1 position in these directories is a very important advantage for your firm.

Cost - Top of Country Directory - US$400/Year

The price for a Top of Country Directory position is US$400/year. This product does not offer the top position for all the practice area directories in a country, but you still have the option to purchase a Top of Directory position for a country. This is located in the "main" directory for all lawyers and law firms in that country - not the areas of practice directories. Therefore, you cannot purchase all of the practice area directories in a country for US$400.

Pricing is subject to change without prior notice.

Ordering a Top of Country Directory Position

To order a Top of Country Directory position:

  • You must be a Premium Listing subscriber 
  • You must have an office in the country of the applicable directory

If you are interested in checking on availability and ordering a Top of Country Directory Position for your firm, please contact us. Include the name of your firm, your client ID (if available), and if you have paid offices in more than one country, also include which country you wish to lock in the top spot.

You are not limited to only a "Top of State or Country Directory" position, but may also purchase multiple Top of Practice Area Directory positions for your firm, subject to availability, for US$100/year per 'City + Practice Area' directory for a full 12 months each. If you purchase Top Position(s) after you have already purchased or renewed a Premium Listing, your top position(s) will be pro-rated to your firm's listing expiration date.

You may check availability, order and pay for Top of Practice Area Directory positions directly from your account. For step by step instructions, please visit How to Order the Top Position of a Practice Area Directory. screens all listing applicants for validity and reserves the right to refuse to post your listing or to remove your listing, at our discretion, if you do not adhere to our editorial guidelines and terms and conditions, or should we determine your law practice is not legitimate or misrepresents its business, services, locations, lawyers’ bio, etc. in any manner. By submitting a listing to, you confirm that you are authorizing to publish your information and that you own the copyright of the text, logos and pictures posted on and on your own website.

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