Types of Traffic Offenses

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Traffic and parking violations constitute the majority of all tickets that local and state law enforcement will issue. Learn more about what warrants a ticket, the difference between moving and nonmoving violations, and which traffic offenses may lead to criminal charges.

  • ContentCareless Driving Tickets Due to Rainy Weather

    Tickets issued for a variety of reasons are necessary based on the action of the driver when he or she could harm another on the roads or in traffic. Rainy weather usually causes some of the worst possible collisions with injuries and death when the inexperienced person behind the wheel does not take into account the slick and sliding aspects of rain on the road.

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  • ContentComparing Moving Violations and Nonmoving Violations

    Traffic and parking violations constitute the majority of all tickets owners of vehicles incur with local and state law enforcement. However, the differences between the moving and nonmoving violations could lead to the possibility of minimal repayment or punishment or severe consequences depending on what the driver or owner has done.

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  • ContentI Was Pulled Over Because the Officer “Could Not See the Month and Year On My License Plate”

    When an officer stops you, it can be a scary experience. It can also be particularly troubling when you find yourself stopped for something that seems bogus, like the officer claiming he or she could not see the date on your license plate. Is such a thing required? Can you be stopped if the officer cannot see this information?

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  • ContentIs a Bicyclist a Driver or a Pedestrian?

    Have you ever seen a bike rider in the street blocking traffic and wondered whether that was even legal? Or maybe a bicyclist caused you to have a car accident by riding recklessly in traffic and you are wondering whether they will be considered a car or a pedestrian for purposes of attributing fault? Unfortunately, the answer can be complicated and depend on where you are.

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  • ContentResolving a Red-Light Camera Ticket

    Caught driving through red lights is a problem for many drivers in various states, but sometimes the camera catches the wrong person and may send the ticket to the driver in front of or behind the true culprit. It is important to seek a resolution to these concerns that protect the rights of each driver on the road.

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  • ContentTraffic Offenses Which Can Lead to Criminal Charges

    While most traffic offenses could lead to a misdemeanor or a minor criminal charge, some reach the felony level which could cause severe consequences and complications for the driver. Tickets are often only the first step in felony traffic offenses, and the person who incurs the violation may serve time behind bars.

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  • ContentVarious Types of Traffic Tickets

    Moving violations lead to traffic tickets that need a resolution before the deadline expires or the driver will face additional penalties to include possible jail time. While some states may have specific tickets, the general ones that a driver may find himself or herself receiving usually have a listing online or at local law enforcement departments.

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  • ContentWho Has the Right of Way and When Must I Yield?

    Surprisingly large numbers of drivers either do not know or do not remember the laws affecting rights of way when on the road. This is evident at intersections every day, where drivers proceed without the right of way, often resulting in accidents with other vehicles or pedestrians. In other cases, there may not be an accident, but it could result in a traffic ticket. So what are the laws of rights of way, and when must a driver yield?

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  • ContentIs It Legal to Hitchhike?

    For many years, people have relied upon the kindness of strangers to get where they needed to go by hitchhiking. Hitchhiking is the practice of soliciting rides in road vehicles, usually from strangers. It dates back to the time of the Great Depression, but concerns over safety for both passenger and driver have led to the implementation of a number of laws pertaining to hitchhiking. So, is it legal to hitchhike?

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