Understanding Child Pornography Crimes

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Learn about what constitutes child pornography, how child pornography crimes are charged, when federal crimes are implicated, the characters involved in child pornography and ways that states handle allegations of child pornography.

  • ContentWhat Legally Makes It Child Pornography?

    Child pornography is a crime that deals with some of the harshest and most serious laws that a person may face. Regardless of the specifics of the event or material involved, the first offense is often met with heavy punishment, and subsequent offenses result in even harsher criminal sentences.

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  • ContentLegal Considerations for Child Pornography Cases

    Child pornography is one of the worst crimes still in existence in America. In the computer age where information, images and videos are rapidly and easily accessed, this is a growing area of concern. Although search engines have become better at filtering out inappropriate materials, it is still possible to occasionally come into contact with these matters, either intentionally or not.

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  • ContentFederal Sex Crimes Explained

    State laws cover specific sex crime violations and these actions are deliberated in a state court. For more aggressive or severe sexual offenses the federal arena covers these. Some fixed minimum sentences may be in effect for some of these crimes due to federal guidelines.

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  • ContentWhat Happens to Actors and Producers of Child Pornography

    Child pornography is an insidious issue that affects communities across the world. Individuals who are involved in child pornography may suffer serious consequences. All involved may see extreme prejudice in punishments if convicted to include child actors, adult actors and producers.

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  • ContentThe Increasing Problem of Child Porn in Society

    More individuals are being arrested for child porn crimes through federally funded task forces. Online crimes of child pornography are a top priority, but ridding the internet of this content is difficult with advanced technology and computer experts.

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  • ContentPeer-to-Peer Networks in Child Pornography Cases

    Much of the child pornography world depends on the internet and other technology that allows offenders to share, sell and trade child pornography images and video. Using peer-to-peer networks are one way that this crime is committed.

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  • ContentHow to Report Child Pornography

    Child pornography is one of the most taboo subjects in the country. It strikes fear in society. In some situations, someone may suspect child pornography and wish to report it.

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  • ContentChild Porn Viewed by Accident – Can I Still Be Charged?

    There are numerous situations where a file or idea searched or downloaded will open an image or video of child pornography that is not an intentional action by the user of the computer.

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  • ContentChild Porn - The Federal Definition

    Child pornography is a serious criminal issue around the entire world, but the specific problem within the United States relies on the definition as applied to the particular event. Distribution, possession and creation of child pornography is a criminal offense that harms the youth and could lead to years before federal prison bars.

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  • ContentNudist Family Photos - Is that a Defense to Child Porn?

    When a family is part of a nudist organization or camp, members can sometimes use this as a valid defense against allegations of child porn attached to events and various situations with gatherings. It is important to fully understand what child porn is and how it can affect criminal charges with such social gatherings.

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  • ContentDoes Spousal or Marital Immunity Cover Child Porn on My Home Computer?

    There are instances where a court will use exemptions to spousal or marital immunity to ensure that one spouse is able to testify against the other when he or she engages in child pornography with a home computer. This provides the court the opportunity to discover the full scope of the problem and if any other culprits are part of the problem.

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  • ContentChild Porn Downloads on Work Computers – Criminal & Employment Issues

    When an employee engages in child pornography while using a work computer, this may lead to the company turning in the person to the local law enforcement or Federal Bureau of Investigations for a full inspection and assessment of the matter. The possible criminal charges may relinquish the company form any additional action, and immediate loss of employment is common.

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