Visa Laws in the United States

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Foreigners who are on a visa to be in the United States need to understand the paperwork and files necessary to keep that visa valid. There are many different types of visas, each with their own set of rules and regulations.

  • ContentChanging a Tourist Visa to a Student Visa

    Tourist visas or B-2 visas can change to student or F-1 visas with the right circumstances and paperwork filled out through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or the USCIS. Getting approval from the requested documentation does not come with any guarantee that the tourist can remain in the country and go to school.

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  • ContentHow Do I Extend my Student Visa?

    Foreign nationals that are in the United States through a student visa need to remain attentive to the paperwork and files necessary for visa extension. When the deadline for filing approaches or when an extension filed requires help, these foreign students must contact the appropriate offices to provide whatever additional details demanded.

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  • ContentHow Long Does I-601 Visa Take to Process?

    Certain immigrants are considered “inadmissible,” which typically results in them being denied admission into the country or provides grounds to have them removed from the country. However, some immigrants can still be legally admitted to the country if they can have their grounds for inadmissibility waived through an I-601 application. The processing time for this type of immigration relief varies by applicant.

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  • ContentHow to Acquire a Visa for a Domestic Helper

    Sometimes when individuals travel to the United States, they will also want their domestic help, such as a maid, housekeeper or nanny to travel with them. In order to accomplish this objective, the traveling individual must petition for a B-1 Visa.

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  • ContentHow to Acquire an H1B Visa?

    An H1B visa lottery is necessary for certain immigrants that are unable to acquire sponsorship for certain green cards, obtain permanent or temporary work visas through a company or by other means. Due to the necessity of needing to obtain an H1B visa, some foreign nationals may need to wait until the new year permits the lottery to start issuing these.

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  • ContentMedical Treatment Visas - The Requirements for a U.S. B-2 Tourist Visa

    Medical treatment visas are also part of the B-2 tourist visa that provides a foreign national with the ability to visit the United States for a short time and acquire medical assistance for standard and emergency issues. Knowing the requirements can help to prevent deportation and complications with the immigration authorities.

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  • ContentU.S. Consular Interview - U.S. Visa Issuance

    Going to a consular interview can be a scary but intimidating time for an immigrant. The individual has the right to approve or deny your request for a visa. Knowing what to expect from this process and how to respond can help ensure a positive experience.

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  • ContentVisa Denial under 214(b), 221(g), and Administrative Processing

    If you or a loved one has been refused a U.S. visa under Sections 214(b) or 221(g) or through administrative processing, a difficult road lies ahead. This denial signifies that a consular officer has already made the determination that insufficient evidence is present to warrant the issuance of a visa. However, this finding can be overcome.

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