What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

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Domestic violence is an act of aggression conducted at home, usually by a spouse or a partner. Discover more about what constitutes domestic violence, what the consequences can be, and who may be victims.

  • ContentWhat You Should Know About Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence is a serious problem in the United States. It often affects every segment of society. Whether you are a victim of domestic violence, someone accused of domestic violence or a witness to what you suspect is domestic violence, there are many things for you to know about this subject.

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  • ContentThe Consequences of Domestic Violence

    Tragically, domestic violence is far too common. According to the United States Department of Justice, one in three victims of violent crimes suffered at the hands of a family member. Domestic violence is a serious allegation that carries with it the potential to impose many serious consequences.

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  • ContentDomestic Violence Process Explained

    Domestic violence is a serious violent crime with aggressive behavior from one person often injuring another. Bodily harm to various degrees is the outcome of these crimes, and the perpetrator may be arrested, charged with a violent crime and possibly convicted.

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  • ContentDomestic Violence against Men

    When people think of domestic violence, they often visualize the image of a distressed woman who has been mistreated by her boyfriend or husband. However, women are far from the only victims of domestic violence.

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  • ContentAn Overview of Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence is an act that has been difficult to categorize legally in some states, but it has been increasing in occurrence throughout the entire country. It is often defined as the actions of an offender through violent or aggressive conduct towards those at home. These individuals at home may be family members, a spouse, children or those residing in the house.

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  • ContentDealing with Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence is an unfortunate reality, and many are surprised to find just how prevalent it is.

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  • ContentAfrican American Women Disproportionately At Risk for Death by Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence can happen anywhere and is not bound by race, religion, or socio-economic status. But, recent studies show that African American women are at three times the risk of experiencing a lethal domestic violence event than any other racial groups in America. Indeed, domestic violence murders are among the leading causes of death of black women ages 15 to 35.

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  • ContentHow to Stop Domestic Violence

    Black eyes, broken bones, missed days from school or work. For some, these may seem familiar. Whether they are occurring to you or someone you know, it is important to know that we can all help stop domestic violence.

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  • ContentDomestic Battery Laws

    Domestic violence instances continue to run rampant throughout the country. Learning about the laws related to domestic battery and the potential penalties that a conviction can mean is the first step that a defendant who is facing domestic battery charges may take.

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