What is a White Collar Crime?

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The term white collar crime is usually used to describe non-violent illegal actions. White collar crimes are becoming increasingly common, mostly due to new technology. Learn more about common white collar crimes and their possible penalties.

  • ContentCommon White Collar Crimes and Potential Penalties

    Several crimes constitute white collar illegal act, and the person engaging in such criminal behavior could face serious penalties that may include significant fines or jail or prison terms. Some states do not need to include any intent behind the criminal participation, and any other person attached to the illegal activity may also face similar charges.

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  • ContentDifferent Types of White Collar Crimes

    White collar crimes are becoming increasingly common due to the technology that exists and makes it easier for individuals to get a hold of other people’s personal identifying information. Given the expanse of white collar crimes, it is likely that you know someone who has been affected by a white collar crime. These crimes range from identity theft to fraud.

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  • ContentFAQs about White Collar Crimes

    Many people are charged with white collar crimes every year. They often have a number of questions about a charge of this nature, including:

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  • ContentMost Common Types of White Collar Crimes

    White collar crimes are committed every year. Sometimes the perpetrator is discovered. Other times, such actions go undetected. In other cases, the defendant may be targeted by someone who actually committed the crime and is trying to avoid detection.

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  • ContentWhat You Need to Know about White Collar Crimes

    The term “white collar crime” is typically used to describe illegal actions that are not violent in nature. Typically, these behaviors are motivated by financial gain with the intent to deceive in order to acquire funds that do not rightly belong to the perpetrator.

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  • ContentWhite Collar Crimes Explained

    A white collar crime is a crime that is often committed by a professional that involves some type of fraud or deception that results in financial gain to the perpetrator or others. White collar crimes are serious offenses that must be taken seriously. It is important to contact a lawyer as soon in the process as possible to help protect the defendant’s rights. Being aware of white collar crimes and their implications can aid in the defense.

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  • ContentWhen is Filing for Unemployment Fraud?

    When filing for unemployment, there are some instances that are considered fraud. These usually occur when the person collects unemployment payouts due to incorrect, misreported or unreported data.

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