What is Intellectual Property?

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Intellectual property protects ideas and creations and may be the backbone of any business venture. It is crucial that entrepreneurs understand what intellectual property is and how to protect their intellectual property. Learn more about legal agreements and protection regarding intellectual property.

  • ContentCommon Misconceptions about Intellectual Property

    There are many myths about intellectual property, what it can do, who owns it and why it exists. In order to dispel these misconceptions, it is important to research what intellectual property the company or individual owns and why it is vital to the success of business interactions.

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  • ContentHow to License Intellectual Property

    When a person has intellectual property, he or she may need to license the ownership rights to prevent possible recreation, distribute by another party or hacks into the IP. Through licensing, the individual may have further opportunities in retaining the full rights of ownership and everything that this may entail for the person.

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  • ContentLegal Agreements that Can Protect Intellectual Property

    Legal agreements are often part of protecting intellectual property when though business interactions and when used within a company. There are a few different contracts and agreements that assist with these matters, and it is important to know the difference and when to utilize them.

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  • ContentLegal Protections to Protect Your Ideas

    There are a few ways to protect original ideas persons have when creating a path to revenue or when someone wants to keep his or her work safe. When researching how to safeguard these ideas or creations, it is important to ensure the ways are safe and legal. This means that anything that may require access to restricted areas of the internet or servers that sound illegitimate should be avoided.

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  • ContentWhat Entrepreneurs Must Understand about Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property may be the backbone and foundation of a business venture, and it is crucial that entrepreneurs understand what these items are so they may profit and avoid violations. If the owner of a business has created some concept or work, he or she may be able to market it and keep it protected through intellectual property protections.

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  • ContentWhat Is the Connection Between Fair Use and Intellectual Property

    Fair use and intellectual property have an important correlation in that fair use only exists to ensure that violations of intellectual property do not occur. The copyright protections keep others from copying work, but there are certain stipulations called fair use that permit others to use portions of the book or other written creation depending on the actions of the individual.

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  • ContentWhy Intellectual Property Is Important to the Business Owner

    For business owners that have or are using intellectual property, it is essential to know what this is and why it is so important. To prevent violations from occurring, to use the IP appropriately and to avoid litigation, the owner of a business needs to know as much about these items as possible.

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  • ContentEmployee-Created Intellectual Property

    For employee-created intellectual property, there is typically no option for the employee to retain property rights in the creation after leaving the company. This is often due to the situation where the employee used the company resources. Depending on individual circumstances, however, an employee may still find a way to protect their work.

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  • ContentProtecting Your Entrepreneurial Vision: Legal Steps

    Protecting the idea behind a possible revenue stream is often difficult in the electronic age with so much video recording, data capturing and access to email and websites so that the vision of someone’s idea may be stolen. Because of this, many have sought illegitimate and illegal ways of ensuring their creations and ideas are protected.

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  • ContentTitle Violation of Intellectual Property Rights

    Anyone who crafts original work, such as a piece of writing, music or physical art, is entitled to copyright on that creation. By law, a copyright is a kind of security given to the authors of original works.

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