When Can You Sue for Asbestos Exposure?

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Exposure to asbestos at home, school, or a workplace is a common problem for many. It can be difficult to hold an employer or school responsible for the exposure because symptoms usually don’t develop until years later. However, sometimes the materials and substances which contain dangerous fiber may be found within the walls or materials in buildings. When should this trigger a lawsuit?

  • ContentAsbestos Exposure on the Job - Can I Sue My Employer?

    Exposure to asbestos while working for a company is a common problem for many in certain industries and when the employer is negligent in providing safety measures to keep the toxic fibers from entering the respiratory system. In these incidents, the employee may have a valid claim against the employer with the assistance of a lawyer.

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  • ContentAsbestos in Schools - Children's Exposure and Legal Options

    Risk of exposure to asbestos and the resultant mesothelioma cancer does exist for school children of any age when there are materials and substances containing this dangerous fiber within the walls or in the products within the school buildings. When exposure may not show symptoms for decades, children may develop these problems later in life after development finishes.

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  • ContentI Was Exposed to Asbestos on the Job 30 Years Ago. Can I Still Sue?

    It is often difficult to hold an employer responsible for the exposure to asbestos products and materials even if it is the job place that usually exposes the individual to these hazards. Generally, injury at the job goes through workers’ compensation packages that will dispense compensation for the injury, medical bills and lack of income while in recovery.

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  • ContentMilitary Asbestos Exposure - Can I Sue?

    Exposure to asbestos can happen in numerous locations based on chemicals, substances and materials that the entity or organization uses for various products or items, and the victim as part of the military may come in contact with asbestos on a ship or near these products. Suing for exposure may depend on any type of insurance the military offers and if the victim can hold the military liable.

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  • ContentVeterans Exposure to Asbestos and How a Lawyer Can Help

    Military service members that are no longer on active duty may suffer from symptoms of asbestos exposure to the point that a diagnosis is the next logical step, and then the veteran will need a lawyer to prove that the military is responsible for the exposure and subsequent injuries. Legal support can assist in pursuing compensation claims.

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  • ContentCommon Causes of Mesothelioma

    While some causes of mesothelioma are unclear, there are many contributing factors that may increase the likelihood of contracting this disease in patients and the general public. This type of cancer is still a mystery for those studying and attempting to cure the victim but knowing the common causes may increase the knowledge of how to combat it.

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  • ContentCommon Questions About Mesothelioma

    If you have been exposed to asbestos and been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may want to know if you have a case against someone for your injuries, and if so, what the process for making that claim will be.

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  • ContentWhich Workers Are Most at Risk for Developing Mesothelioma?

    The direct and indirect exposure of asbestos usually is the reason mesothelioma occurs, and it generally affects certain employees more than others because of the asbestos materials and products used within the company or certain locations. When affected by these hazardous and toxic materials, the worker will need a lawyer to pursue compensation.

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