When Should You Hire a Private Investigator?

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Oftentimes, people hire private investigators when intense research or surveillance is necessary in a court case. Private investigators may be used to locate people, things, review evidence, or monitor intellectual property. Learn more here.

  • ContentRole of Private Investigators in Child Custody Cases

    Many child custody cases are heated and involve allegations from both sides lodged against each other. Having a private investigator can help tilt the evidence in one direction. A private investigator can perform a number of investigative functions to gather the information necessary to prove the client’s claims.

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  • ContentThe Best Reasons Why You Should Hire a Private Investigator

    A private investigator is often useful for a number or reasons, but when a case or claim is necessary in a court of law, these professionals are invaluable at finding information and revealing the whereabouts of needed witnesses. It is important to contact a private investigator when anything that requires extensive research or surveillance is involved.

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  • ContentThe Ins and Outs of Hiring a Private Investigator in a Divorce Case

    In some divorce cases, it may become necessary to hire a private investigator to help with the process. An expert may be needed to find certain evidence and to complete specific tasks before the divorce is final. This helps to protect a person’s legal and financial interests.

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  • ContentA Lawyer's Perspective: Best Uses of a Private Investigator

    Private investigators serve many important functions that are distinct from the services provided by a lawyer. Due to the variety of services that a private investigator can provide, many lawyers keep private investigators on retainer or contract with them frequently. Some of the best uses of a private investigator include:

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  • ContentWhen Do I Need a Private Investigator?

    In certain cases, a lawyer may recommend hiring a private investigator. He or she may have existing contacts or may recommend that you find your own investigator. Here are some situations in which you may need a private investigator to assist you in your case.

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